EzyInvestment.com Offers Unrivalled Investment Advice with No Price Tag in Sight

New Investment Website Offers Unrivalled Articles Free of Charge

Online PR News – 02-October-2011 – – EzyInvestment.com Offers Unrivalled Investment Advice
with No Price Tag in Sight

EzyInvestment.com is a freshly launched, investment information-filled website that proudly presents readers with articulate articles at absolutely no cost.
While many current investment websites boast ‘fool-proof techniques’ and ‘sure-fire success’ almost all of them are more concerned with taking your money and less about you making any. It seems like in addition to a free lunch, up until now there’s also been no such thing as free advice.
When quizzed during a recent interview as to where the inspiration for EzyInvestment.com came from, website founder Alex Ward had little hesitation in divulging why he felt such as a site being brought into existence was entirely overdue.
“I still vividly recall when I first decided that I wanted to try my hand in the world of investing. I went to do the right thing, do my due diligence and put some hours into researching the industry,” said Ward.
“It seemed though that every website I turned to for advice or strategies were only willing to part with that information if I was willing to open my wallet. I rapidly became disheartened and I remember that at one point I literally said out loud, ‘who isn’t trying to take money from me?!’”
“The inception of EzyInvestment.com was there and then,” concluded Ward.
Since its launch earlier this month, the administrators at EzyInvestment.com have already been inundated with emails from elated investors-in-the-making whom are thrilled that now there is finally a place where investment advice comes completely without strings.
EzyInvestment.com articles cover a vast array of investment modalities including Stocks, Real Estate and Mutual Funds.
To see our ever-expanding archive of investment articles, visit www.ezyinvestment.com.


For all media inquiries, contact Alex Ward at admin@ezyinvestment.com