Launches First Post-Panda Google Penalty Services
10/02/2011 is a new anti SEO service which allows web site owners to pay to have their competitorā€™s websites banned or penalized on Google.

Online PR News – 02-October-2011 – – is a new anti SEO service which allows web site owners to pay to have their competitorā€™s websites banned or penalized on Google. is the creation of an ā€˜SEO Black hatā€™ This term is applied to people who use unauthorized practices to get a website to appear on top of a search engineā€™s result page. Google discourages this practice by either applying penalties or outright banning on sites that attempt such practices. Unfortunately, in the latest Google updates, it has become possible to get a site penalized by just pointing links to it. Even if it isnā€™t the website owner who is doing this, Google will treat such activity as if it is being done by the website owner, and therefore, it will apply itā€™s feared penalties.
Links that were created against Googleā€™s guidelines were found pointing to JC Penny, which lead to a costly PR mess, and subsequent loss of rankings. Such links, for a fee, can be created by and pointed to your competitorā€™s website.
Many industry experts have already made strong criticisms directed at for being an unethical business. Sam Jackson, an ex-associate of Damian, commented on his blog:
ā€œDamian is a menace and a stain on the reputation of the entire online marketing industry. Many larger businesses have stayed away from online marketing due to the concept of it being like the Wild West, full of outlaws and low lives. It has taken almost 10 years internet marketing to become even slightly recognized by big industries and yet we are always held back by a few bad applesā€
However, Damian is adamant that he is providing this service as a way to improve the search industry. In his own words ā€œPeople say that Iā€™m somehow unethical because of the service I provide. But I honestly offer it because I know it will make the SEO industry better. It is ridiculous that Google would put out an algorithm that allows a site to get banned without any changes to the actual site. They created this terrible situation for innocent website owners. By capitalizing on this, Iā€™m drawing attention to the issue. It will be fixed faster this way. And if one day I have to close down my service, I will not mind one bit.ā€
Whether this service will help or hurt the internet is yet to be seen. However, if you are on the receiving end of a sabotage; we have a sneaking feeling what side you will be on. Maybe it is just a matter of time before someone gives Damian a taste of his own medicine. For more details visit logon:

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