Physicians Find MM Mobile Myeloma Treatment Resource Calculators Effective In Their Practice

Managing Myeloma's app, MM Mobile, is extremely popular among physicians, and is a valuable collection of current news, clinical support resources, and easy-to-use calculators.

Online PR News – 30-September-2011 – – The MM Mobile app is free and is an extremely popular resource in the hematology/oncology community. It is the only multiple myeloma app currently available for physicians. This handy, easy-to-use tool can be utilized by physicians in their practice as well as on-the-go. The app contains numerous features available to help improve both patient treatment and physician education. Designed specifically for physicians that treat myeloma, MM Mobile has become an effective tool in many practices. The innovative Myeloma Treatment Resource® Calculators are a major part of MM Mobile and are utilized by physicians on a daily basis. This set of quick, easy-to-use International Staging System (ISS) and Creatinine Clearance Calculators provide practice support. The ISS Calculator includes historic survival data by stage, while the Creatinine Clearance Calculator offers dose adjustments for lenalidomide and zoledronic acid based on the calculated CLcr.

These popular tools are also available online as part of the Myeloma Treatment Resource® (MTR®), which contains the Compendium of Drug Regimens, Patient Treatment Schedule Calendar, Diagnosis, Staging, Prognosis and Response Assessment, and Patient Care Tools. Users of have named the MTR one of the most useful parts of the website.

The Managing Myeloma app, MM Mobile, has been downloaded by a large percentage of hematology/oncology physicians who treat multiple myeloma.

In addition to the Myeloma Treatment Resource Calculators, the features of MM Mobile also include:

• MM News Updates - continually updated news feed offering succinct information on therapeutic trials, guideline updates, and industry information.

• MM FAQs - leading experts provide concise answers to frequently asked questions about treatment, side effects of therapeutic agents, and best practices.

Managing Myeloma is an educational initiative dedicated to developing tools, information, and resources that support improved therapeutic outcomes for patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Managing Myeloma is supported by educational grants from multiple pharmaceutical supporters.

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