Namibia a new safari destination on offer from Natural High

African safaris operator Natural High explain why Namibia is an exciting new destination for it's safari clients.

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 – – Namibia is a country of surprises and the biggest surprise of all is that there is so much to see. It’s largely empty with mainly desert or semi-desert terrain but this extraordinary country throws up colours and landscapes quite unlike anywhere else. A Namibia safari reveals sand dunes, that turn salmon pink at dawn, desert mountains rising from vast orange plains and unique wildlife like the specially adapted desert elephant. And unlike a lot of countries in Africa, Namibia safaris are great for people who want to self-drive.

A safari in Namibia will reveal its unusual culture too, originally home to the nomadic Herero and San Bushmen, who are still present today, the area was colonised by Germany in 1884. There are echoes of this European influence today in places like the Caprivi Strip named after the improbable sounding, General Count Georg Leo von Caprivi di Caprara di Montecuccoli. This verdant area in the north-eastern tip of the country, is now full of wildlife, and there are good populations of elephant, roan, sable and the endangered African wild dog.

The Etosha National Park, is in the north of the country, is huge, about 22 000 acres and is home to a vast array of wildlife and birdlife. The white 100 km salt pan on the eastern edge of the park seasonally attracts great flocks of flamingo and pelican and because of the scarcity of water, the water holes concentrate game; lion, giraffe, rhino, to name but a few, so all the visitor has to do is sit and wait. The main safari camps are outside the park gates and it is advisable to work out the best areas to avoid the crowds but once this is achieved, the vast emptiness of the place is really worth it.

Nobody can possibly forget the first encounter with the Namib desert, This seemingly unforgiving place, is actually teeming with wildlife, though some of it is literally beneath your feet. 1000 species of plant live in this harsh landscape and creatures have found fascinating ways of coping with the harsh environment from barking geckos and spiders that cartwheel down sand dunes.

South of Walvis bay, extending in great orange waves, inland from the Atlantic coast, these great dunes change in colour from dark ochres to deep pinks and the views from the top are stunning. Some of the greatest dunes are at Sossusvlei and it’s definitely worth visiting here at sunrise or sunset and, if you can, climb up the biggest dune of all, the appropriately named Big Daddy. One of the best of Namibia’s safari lodges is to be found here too.

One of the best ways to experience the vast desert expanse is to take a skeleton coast flying safari, these epic safaris have been run by the Schumann brothers for decades and they land in places that are impossible to visit by any other means. The feeling of space and solitude in these empty places is simply awe-inspiring.
Natural High is a small company specialising in tailor made safaris and wilderness travel in east and southern Africa. Every member of the team has extensive experience, having been running or planning safaris and wilderness travel for more than 20 years. Natural High’s owner Alex Edwards, says; “We believe the real value of the type of travel we offer is the opportunity to experience some of the world's most inspiring wild places and Namibia, with its varied and dramatic contrasts, is an outstanding destination.”

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