European Hair Loss Treatment Center Opens in Tampa

Haarklinikken, a popular European hair restoration service provider has opened their first US based clinic in Tampa, FL.

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 – – TAMPA, FL – Haarklinikken, a world leader in the research and treatment of hair and scalp disorders, has opened a new facility in Tampa, Florida, expanding their international presence to include the United States of America.

Established in 1978, Haarklinikken has successfully treated more forty thousand clients in Denmark, Germany, and Norway. The Tampa Hair Restoration clinic is the ninth of their centers, and will be directed by Dr. Panos E. Vasiloudes (MD, PhD, FAAD, FAAP), fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, and a Board Certified Dermatology / Dermatologic Surgeon. The new facility will offer Haarklinikken’s popular Density Improvement Program (DIP®), previously unavailable in America.
Haarklinikken's Density Improvement Program incorporates the latest in hair restoration advancements, combining Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplantation with individually formulated therapy treatments. This combination of therapies provides the greatest level of hair restoration by replacing lost hair, revitalizing remaining hair to a healthy state, and maintaining the hair.

The FUE method of hair extraction and replacement is less invasive than the standard method of transplantation. Haarklinikken's use of the FUE method removes unnecessary steps allowing for the shortest recovery time and the least amount of scarring. In many cases clients report complete recovery within a matter of days.

The Hair Restoration Extract Treatment is the second stage of the DIP® program. Many clients however experience significant results through extract treatment alone. Haarklinikken’s proprietary Hair Restoration Extracts have been developed over fifty years of clinical study, and take into consideration hair type, hair loss history, and individual restoration needs. They include BCB and PH Shampoos, Balsam, Extract, Hairsprays, and Styling Gel containing Aloe Vera. Each of these ingredients is used at different times and for different purposes as prescribed by the physician. For maximum results, each of Haarklinikken’s extracts are individually formulated according to a managed care program unique to each client.

Each of Haarklinikken’s patients are carefully evaluated to ensure that the most effective hair restoration treatment is prescribed. “Our Emphasis is on results. We put the highest premium on patient satisfaction so we only accept patients we know will benefit from our treatments,” said Lars Skjøth, Haarklinikken’s founder and CEO.

Haarklinikken recognizes that there are a great many conditions of the hair and scalp for which there are currently no treatments or solutions available for. As a result of this, Haarklinikken is constantly investing time and resources into the development of new and effective treatments for all types of hair and scalp therapies, making valued contributions to research at clinics around the world.

Their newest product, due to be released in the fourth quarter of 2011, has been eleven years in the making, and is targeted towards the treatment of hereditary hair loss.

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