Pictures from children of Mavue were handed over

The pictures from the children of Mavue were handed over on Wednesday September 15th 2011
to the children from the Brigádníků Elementary School in Prague 10.

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 – – The handing over took place in front of the School Director Mgr. Alena Polanská, representatives of the School Parliament – K.Lišková and M.Horváth, Director of GTP Gabriela Dihelová and the Development Program Coordinator Dana Neumanová.

This event occurred based on the support for child education in Mavue, Mozambique. The handing over took place in a very friendly atmosphere. “We are glad that the exchange of pictures was such a great success.” The Czech children accepted the wonderful pictures from the Mavue children along with photographs of the local area with great respect. These will be displayed on canvases around the Prague school.

“The pictures will bring great joy to both sides. Just as the Czech children in Prague, we would like to use the Czech children’s art here at our new school in Mozambique as decorations,” says Dana Neumanová.

During the meeting the main topic of discussion was how to specifically help the children in Mavue, what will be the objective and the purpose of this help and what other programs will be gradually implemented. We also mutually agreed that the elementary school will continue to take part in this project. At this time it is involved in the collection of school supplies and the creation of English picture books.

“Each step toward education and social compassion in children must be supported”, says Mgr. Alena Polanská.

We are thankful to the children and the Director Mgr. Alena Polanská for all the support to this day.