Horizontech, Inc. provides a secure, compliant, cost efficient solution

HTI has been processing payroll, tax and revenue related documents within the Public and Private Sectors for years.

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 – – Danville, Virginia, September 27, 2011 – Horizontech, Inc. (HTI), a Global information technology and document solutions company, today announced an enterprise document workflow solution for capture, data entry, image hosting and undeliverable mail processing for Public and Private sector Payroll and Tax documents.

HTI has been processing payroll, tax and revenue related documents within the Public and Private Sectors for years. In addition, HTI is known as a market innovator and expert for providing enterprise solutions for managing undeliverable mail. Now, post filing conversion, retention and audit tracking are possible for W-2, 1099’s 5498’s and all other Payroll and Tax documents through HTI.

“Our customers have been very stringent regarding data entry quality, security and control associated with processing Employer Payroll, personal and business Income Tax Returns, Driver’s License Registrations and Social Security information,” said David Zook, President. “In many contracts, we need to provide 100% verification behind our process for all document fields, as well provide up to a 99.9% accuracy rate on fields keyed. To consistently provide quality behind our processes, we built our own document workflow software XperTran®. XperTran® is at the core of our Quality Control and Quality Assurance platform, and ensures consistency in meeting our customer commitments for Quality.

We give the Public and Private sector access to data entry throughout our multiple locations, including our 50,000 square foot US Headquarters. As a result, we provide Risk Management and Audit executives with a safe, secure and compliant solution all under one roof. Paper documents can be routed directly to HTI, transported via secure HTI transportation, processed, accessed, stored and destroyed onsite by HTI’s employees; they never need to leave HTI’s secure processing facility.

Tax requirements are also getting more complex, with the need for increased security. As example, there are over 800 different types of Federal Tax documents, and each may require its own distinct business rules for correction, access and storage. Not all W-2’s contain complete data, and may be missing state tax identification numbers as well as illegible or incomplete FEIN numbers. For financial institutions, 1099’s and 5498’s are mailed each year and a high percentage return as undeliverable due to the mobility of the US population. W-2’s are also returned as undeliverable as employee population shifts, which causes other downstream issues with Health Insurance enrollment and associated Member mailings. HTI has numerous technologies for helping organizations with automating many of these functions, which lower costs and provide the necessary audit trails for these types of highly secure and sensitive documents.

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Horizontech is a Global information technology and document solutions company, with web-based workflow systems and back-office support. Combining operating capabilities with multiple, proprietary technologies, Horizontech automates enterprise business functions that increase operational efficiencies, mitigate risks, and grow revenue. For more information, visit Horizontech at www.horizontech.com.

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