WordPress, SEO and Internet Marketing website launched

WordPressSEOMarketing.com is a new website launched by Rob Cubbon, a marketer with over 20 years experience.

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 – – WordPressSEOMarketing.com is a new website launched by Rob Cubbon, a marketer with over 20 years experience.

The content will be exclusive, useful and will detail how to use WordPress, SEO and Internet Marketing effectively.

The website explains internet marketing for the modern age. How to get visitors to a website. Turn those visitors into regular visitors and subscribers. And how to turn them into customers, clients and further income for your business. It starts with the website because if you don’t get visitors coming to your website it is impossible to build an online business.

This will benefit business owners as well as people who are considering leaving their jobs and starting an online business, whether selling their own products and services or selling others and earn affiliate commissions.

The target audience will include entrepreneurs, web developers, writers, marketers and web professionals.

The primary marketing methods that will be explained in the site will be:

• blogging with a self-hosted WordPress.org
• using SEO plugins
• using SEO friendly theme
• email marketing
• social media
• link-building
• article marketing
• outsourcing
• Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ specific advice

Online business is worth billions. However this site attempts to provide sensible and practical tips for the online marketer to implement at a low or non-existent cost.

The internet is awash with “get rich quick” schemes. Internet marketers, both experienced and newbie, are confronted with endless conflicting information on this subject.

This site is written by professionals to give common sense white hat advice.

They believe there is only one way to succeed online and that is by providing top quality content.

The articles will explain new and exciting marketing phenomena in plain English so we can all get the most from them.

The website has a free e-book entitled Internet Marketing for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses.

The e-book is 50 pages long and explains the blogging, SEO and internet marketing techniques in such detail that many industry professionals were amazed it was not a premium info-product.

There is also a premium info-product available at the site called Internet Marketing for Businesses which gives complete information about getting traffic to your site and interest in your business.

The e-books and website are only concerned with blogging and internet marketing the right way not about the latest SEO tricks.

It is not only about how to build a great website but also about how to attract and engage visitors thus adding interest to yourself or your company.

There’s plenty of quality information from professionals who walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

WordPressSEOMarketing.com is a one-stop shop of information on blogging, SEO, social media, online relationship forming, email, advertising and marketing in the modern internet age.

Join us to explore WordPress, SEO and Internet Marketing strategies

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