PZR Offers Nationwide Zoning Reports and Zoning Due Diligence Services

PZR Offers Nationwide Zoning Reports and Zoning Due Diligence Services.

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 – – PZR (The Planning & Zoning Resource Corp ) is America’s largest Zoning Due Diligence firm that specializes in analyzing risks and providing zoning due diligence services and documents nationwide. The Planning & Zoning Resource Corporation was formed in 1994 as the first provider of zoning due diligence reports and created a zoning report conducive to the industry called “The PZR Report”.

Below is a list of our main zoning report services
* Standard PZR Zoning Report with survey comparison
* Executive Summary Zoning Report
* Municipal Document Package
* Title Insurer's Package
* Surveyor's Package
* Zoning Letters

Zoning comes to into play during most commercial real estate transactions. The best business and investment plans will need to be halted or changed if the property does not comply with zoning rules of the local authority.

PZR clients come from many different disciplines.
* Law firms
* Title Companies
* Real Estate Trusts (REIT)
* Real Estate Developers
* Owners/Managers
* Real Estate Brokers
* Lenders

PZR is a market leader and offers the following advantages

* First to Market (Brand Recognition)
* Most comprehensive report in the industry
* Outstanding relationship with lending community
* Approved by both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
* Sister Company to Smith-Roberts National Corporation (provider of ALTA surveys)
* Years in business (17 years)
* Excellent Relationship with Local Municipalities (over 20,000 contacts across USA)
* Over 100,000 zoning reports within the PZR database
* Insurance
* Over 75 employees to assist with on time production

About The Planning and Zoning Resource Corporation - www.pzr.com  
PZR is America’s largest Zoning Advisory firm which analyzes the risk associated with commercial property transactions and provides all available Zoning Documents. Request a quick project quote or a Zoning Compliance Report (PZR Report® ) which is supported by municipal documents and Land Title Survey review in an easy, cost effective and quick manner. 

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