Ford’s New SYNC System Making Lives Better

Driver’s using Ford’s new SYNC technology can now integrate technology and driving smoothly. Vehicles outfitted with this technology will potentially make everyday commutes safer.

Online PR News – 30-September-2011 – – Ford SYNCÂŽ technology is changing the way Americans drive. From hands-free calling which is making the daily commute less dangerous to 911 AssistÂŽ which will report the location of an accident, SYNCÂŽ makes drivers’ lives better through technology. Tom Denchel Ford, located in Hermiston Oregon and Prosser Washington, is proud to carry vehicles equipped with features that help drivers communicate easier, travel safer, and do more things on the go.

New Ford vehicles that have the SYNC® system can provide drivers with a variety of services including the “audible text messaging” feature to keep drivers’ focus on safely navigating the road ahead. When connected to a smartphone, Ford’s sophisticated technology will read out loud any incoming text messages as well as translate any emoticons or abbreviations such as “LOL”. Along with reading texts, SYNC® also allows drivers to send up to 15 preset messages without typing them up themselves. This feature is just one way that SYNC® has been making driving safer for everyone.

Ford is also making it easier to check on the health of a certain vehicle through SYNC®. If drivers register their cars with Ford online, SYNC® can run diagnostic checks on a vehicle’s health to make sure it is running smoothly. It is as simple as saying the words “vehicle health” and the cars system will upload a personalized vehicle diagnostic report online. From there reports can be printed and brought in to service personnel for accurate repair and maintenance.

In addition to safety, cars equipped with SYNC® will help owners achieve more efficient driving via a tracking system which provides real time fuel economy statistics. Drivers will be able to see their fuel history over the last 5, 10, and 30 minutes to see whether they are optimizing their car’s gas supply. Also, SYNC® will let operators compare instantaneous miles per gallon (at that moment) versus a historical average MPG. These tools are useful in a time when fuel prices have been rising and economical driving is needed to save money.

When buying a car with SYNCÂŽ technology from Tom Denchel Ford, customers can be sure that they are getting a vehicle that will make their lives easier. Everything from entertainment, safety, and efficiency can all be affected by this new technology.