Penny auction news – Smokoo goes wireless

The hit penny auction site Smokoo is going wireless. This time with the BeeWi Simply wireless remote controlled car

Online PR News – 30-September-2011 – – The hit penny auction site Smokoo is going wireless. This time with the BeeWi Simply wireless remote controlled car. This nifty little car works off an intuitive motion control using mobile’s orientation sensor or touch-screen button interface. The little Mini Cooper sports a super-fast motor with full directional steering capability. The best part is its compatible with Android 2.1 Smartphones, Nokia Symbian 3 S60 3rd and 5th editions.

Smokoo is famous for selling stuff for less than 10 bucks. The company does it every day. Customers can buy cars, air tickets and the latest PC tablets for a fraction of the cost. The innovative auction system allows users to save large amounts of cash. (

This is how it works. Customers will sign up to the site which is quick, easy and free. Once signed up, the customer must choose a username. The username is to identify you during the auctions. So pick your username carefully. Picking a good username goes a long way in terms of penny auction strategy on the site.

Users will then buy credits through the site using a variety of payment methods. Once the user is stocked up on credits they can take part in the auctions. Users bid against the clock to be the last person to place their bid before the timer says FINISHED. It’s a race against the clock. Place the last bid and the auction is yours. The best part is the item is shipped straight to the user’s door. (

Smokoo has positioned themselves as the most trusted penny auction site on the planet. The company’s customer service is exemplary. The site goes to great lengths to ensure their support staff is top notch.

‘We train, train and train some more. That’s how we are able to be the best in the world’ says Craig de Canha, General Manager of Smokoo.

Besides world-class service, Smokoo is famous for auctioning a trip to the edge of space for a couple of bucks. Alongside the incredible stratosphere extravaganza, the site auctioned one of the world’s fastest cars, a Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Of all the penny auction sites on the net, Smokoo has by far the best offers. By far the best service and by far the best Facebook fan page.

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