Green Spirit Announces Autumn Sale Discount on Hydroponics Products Including Grow Lights and Tents

Grow tents, grow lights, growing media, grow kits, and a lot of hydroponic products are up for the Autumn sale at Green Spirit

Online PR News – 30-September-2011 – – SHEFFIELD, South Yorkshire Green Spirit, the Sheffield based seller of hydroponic products including grow lights and tents have announced an Autumn Sale. They are selling products at 20 to 30% lower than their retail price.

Products on sale include nutrients and additives like the VitaLink, Canna and the Big Bug brands, fans, filters, pumps and water heaters, pest and disease control products etc. The firm has also stocked up on the latest pots and accessories that are ideal for the growth of a wide variety of vegetables including lettuce, chillies, herbs, strawberries, orchids, tomatoes and other exotic vegetables like bok choy.

The hydroponics system is an ideal answer for people looking to source organic produce that can be freshly procured from the kitchen garden. In fact this technique aims to push the concept a little further, by allowing for vegetables to be grown in the kitchen itself. And since, the temperature of the crops can be controlled through the hydroponic grow tents, year round availability of fresh vegetables isn’t difficult.

The technique has several advantages; apart from the fact that vegetables can be sourced fresh, it also aims to help countries where food scarcity and soil nutrition are a big problem. Thousands of pounds of forage for cattle and other livestock have been known to be produced by farmers in just a week to 10 days time.

There are several farmers who have taken to the hydroponics technique; encouraged by restaurateurs who can locally source exotic vegetables throughout the year. They not only get access to fresh vegetables, but also get them at a cheaper price.

And for those who aren’t well equipped with the technique there are plenty of people holding free courses to propagate the technique.

“We have been selling hydroponic and aeroponic products for some time now and offer an extensive and unique product range of hydroponics kit including nutrients and reflective sheeting”, says the spokesperson for Green Spirit. Their range of brands includes from Canadian Xpress to Diahydro and Grotek.

About Green Spirit: The leading hydroponics shop is known to supply cheap grow kits, grow tents and other hydroponics products.

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