Extentia Workshop on High-End Technology for Future Media Professionals

Event Attended by Students and Faculty of the Ranade Institute, as well as Senior Journalists

Online PR News – 30-September-2011 – – Pune - Post graduate students, with faculty from the Ranade Institute's department of journalism and communication, and senior journalists, attended a workshop on 'High-End Technology and the Media' at Extentia. The event was held last Friday, September 16, at Extentia's headquarters in Pune.

The increasing use of technology has significantly transformed the media and the way it is experienced by the different segments of society. Mobile computing with gadgets such as smart-phones and tablets is now increasingly familiar. In a fiercely competitive media environment, these smart gadgets can contribute significantly to content sourcing, news gathering, processing, presentation, transmission and eventually consumption by the audiences.

Extentia CEO Umeed Kothavala presented 'Thinking Mobile', where he spoke about the mobile medium's relevance to journalism today with several examples. He talked about how writers could now publish from anywhere, at any time, and have their content distributed very quickly. Kothavala also did a segment on social media, and how media professionals could leverage it. The students invited to share their current experiences as well.

Extentia had a surprise guest for the occasion - Farhanaaz Dastur, senior sports correspondent, (on sabbatical from) NDTV. She had everyone's complete attention with anecdotes from her experience that illustrated how a career in journalism today - with mobile tools - is different from a decade ago.

The event's chief guest, Rohan Swamy, technology correspondent at the Indian Express, then addressed the audience on high-end technology for media professionals. He cited many instances, including the early use of the internet to distribute news, and changes since 1995.

There were several questions from the students for all the speakers at the end. They were also invited to try mobile applications on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices made available at the event.

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