New Car Insurance Comparion Website - Leverage A Competitive Marketplace For Lower Rates

Car insurance is big business. If you can tell already from the amount of ads Online and on Television insurance companies are aggressively promoting their brands.

Online PR News – 30-September-2011 – – Car insurance is big business. If you can tell already from the amount of ads Online and on Television insurance companies are aggressively promoting their brands. Just like any other form of comparison shopping, people like to compare auto insurance Online. Just in recent months more consumers are discovering a new website to do all their car insurance quotes comparisons from one location. The service is completely free making comparing and decision making fast. Once the visitor has entered a zip code or state of residence top name brand car insurance companies present the quote seeker their best car insurance rates for comparison.

The website is owned and marketed by Brad Long who developed relationships with top auto insurance companies giving visitors the ability to compare car insurance rates that are specific to a geographical area. Most people understand that auto insurance costs vary depending on the area of the country you live in. "Buying and shopping for items Online today is much different than it was even 2-4 years ago. Most people have purchased something Online and car insurance is no different. When you give a consumer shopping for the best deal the ability to compare products Online before they buy something they develop more trust. With Online auto insurance the days of getting into your car and driving around town to shop for rates is coming to an end."

When a visitor arrives at they immediately realize they can do a quick car insurance quotes comparison by entering their zip code or state of residence. The site will also allow the person to get insurance quotes for medical, and motorcycle, and RV insurance without having to provide personal information from respective insurance companies. For car insurance quotes, the visitor can expect to see all the top rated auto insurance companies advertised on TV, print, radio.

"My goal was to provide cheap auto insurance quotes quickly to the consumer, and then provide these quotes customized to their local area for more accurate information", says website promoter Brad Long. "If we can provide a quality experience with competitive insurance rates for our visitors, we have done our job."

Depending where the consumer lives he/she will be presented with a list of 4-8 auto insurance companies easily recognized by their associated trademarks and logos. These companies understand they are competing against each other, therefore the consumer can safely assume they will get competitive auto quotes from each company. Next, the consumer will click on each company they're interested in getting a quote from. Car insurance comparisons are now presented for the consumer to chose. From the selection page a new window conveniently opens after each insurance company is chosen.

Wanting to provide consumers access to information about the car insurance industry visitors have free access to the website's catalog of car insurance articles for tips and frequently asked questions. "We not only want to provide convenient access to auto insurance rates, but we want to educate them on car insurance in general." claims that if the consumer can lower their rates they could save hundreds of dollars per year. However, the consumer should understand that just because they are offered a cheap car insurance policy does not mean it will accomplish their needs. always recommends the consumer makes sure selected quotes from each insurance company accomplishes all their needs before they buy.

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