Dallas Police Officer Asks YouTube Viewers To Kill Fashion Designer

After fashion designer Christa Chantal Allen filed a complaint with the Dallas Internal Affairs Department against a rouge police officer, she has received death threats.

Online PR News – 29-May-2009 – – Dallas, TX – May 29th 2009, Fashion Designer Christa Chantal Allen filed a 20 page complaint with the Dallas Internal Affairs Department against a rogue Police Officer, McCormick, badge # 6393. Ms. Allen was told by the Agency Detective that McCormick is a 'well known Hick and Bully in the Police Force.' As a result of Ms. Allen's actions the Officer received 'Documented Counseling.'

Ms. Allen exposed a Scam called USA180 and was consequently assaulted by this Organization and their followers. The most vehement attacker and Coconspirator of the Organization turned out to be Officer McCormick who disclosed her address and personal information. McCormick slandered and terrorized Ms. Allen on YouTube with violent profanity about her 'severe mental illness for which she will go to prison.'

The Officer’s actions of terrorizing and humiliating Ms. Allen were retaliatory because she dared to file a complaint against a Police Officer. McCormick also sent a message to a friend of Ms. Allen, saying her friend is actually Ms. Allen, which is not the case. Officer McCormick threatened that 'she needs to be re-visited by the PD.'

Ms. Allen’s YouTube videos are addressed to: Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle, the Mayor of Dallas, Tom Leppert, the FBI, the ACLU and YouTube.

McCormick essentially sent out a contract to have Ms. Allen killed when he posted on YouTube: “anyone wants to visit her you have OUR full support, saves the taxpayer's money.”


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