Virgin Bingo Re-launch Has Revived Interest in the Site

The re-launch of Virgin Bingo has renewed interest in the site among industry experts and bingo players alike. By retaining the goodness of the old site as well as incorporating a soothing aqua-blue theme and bigger jackpot totals among other things, Virgin Bingo now has a true winner in its hands.

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 – – An undertaking of the Virgin Group, Virgin Games was launched in the year 2004 to be the one-stop destination for some of the best online games in the country. In the years since its launch, Virgin has managed to achieve what it had set out to do as today, the country’s best bingo games as well as casino games like online poker, slots etc can be enjoyed there. Online bingo is developing at breakneck speed and is thus, one of the most competitive sectors. To its credit, Virgin Bingo has managed to make itself a name to reckon with in the field of online bingo. All major online bingo review portals have been vouching for Virgin Bingo and the gaming experience it provides. Players – pros and novices alike – too have given rave reviews to the site.

The success of any site is always an amalgamation of a number of factors. Virgin Bingo has managed to carve itself a niche by the right mix of all of them. The layout of a site is one of those determining factors. Though earlier it sported red, the traditional colour of the Virgin Group, Virgin Bingo has now been re-launched in a cool blue avatar. In its recent announcement, Virgin Games has communicated that its beta sites have now given away of the newer and better blue-themed bingo site. This has been a successful move on the part of the site not only from the layout point of view but also from the point of the view of the user. Not surprisingly, the online bingo review of the re-launch has been a favourable one.

According to the parent company, the new Virgin Bingo site is not just a switch from one colour to the other. Optimum effort has been put into making it a better site to ensure user experience is further enhanced. The few problematic chinks that existed in the old site have been taken care of. Out of all these efforts has emerged the new Virgin Bingo site that looks better, has more engaging content, is easier to navigate through and has increased conversions for affiliates. Even the rewards, promos and offers at the new site have undergone the magic makeover. Virgin Games is definitely concerned about pleasing its players. The overall total of the progressive jackpots that the site offers have witnessed an upward swing. A new search engine too has been added to Virgin Bingo and the online bingo review portals have unanimously voted it a prize addition. This feature is in keeping with the easy navigation of the new site as players need not wade through all games before reaching the right one. Virgin Bingo is in the process of re-invention. One can a keep track of all these features and more through Bingo Espresso – the all encompassing online bingo review site.