Introducing SAP consultant ‘Badge Of Excellence’ recognition programme.

SAP consulting, quality assured and independently verified. The SAP community have come together to create a single, recognisable, industry standard ‘badge of excellence’ that clearly demonstrates how an SAP consultant has performed while working on previous SAP projects. These badges are visible on a growing number of SAP consultants CV’s to prove their reputation matches their CV and qualification.

Online PR News – 27-September-2011 – – The primary aim of this solution lay in providing instant, verified and reliable information provided by members of the SAP community for the benefit of members of the SAP community.

To ensure the information remains reliable and objective the process of requesting, providing and viewing the reputation of individual SAP consultants is delivered as a free service to the SAP community.

Understanding and recognising the relevance of each badge of excellence is essential, in order to ensure the consultant being considered, has proven him- or herself capable of fulfilling their assignment.

When viewing a single badge it is important that each portion be understood in order to understand each consultant’s professional reputation.

What information does each badge provide? Example of a real CB member consultant badge information below and on the image to the right:

SAP Skill and Ability: 5.0
Professionalism: 5.0
Communication Skills: 4.8
Average Rating: 4.90
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Colour – denotes the number of verified ratings a consultant has.
5 Stars within the badge – the number of coloured stars denotes the average rating.
CB ID No – the consultants unique CB ID

Badge Colour

There are 5 levels within the CB ‘Badge of excellence’ programme, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Elite, the colour of the badge represents the number of ratings each consultant has been rated and reviewed by their ex employers and peers.

Bronze ‘CB Verified Badge’
This is the entry-level award for consultants with between 1 and 4 verified ratings.

Silver ‘CB Verified Badge’
This badge is awarded to consultants with between 5 and 9 verified ratings from members of the SAP community.

Gold ‘CB Verified Badge’
SAP consultants are awarded this badge level when they have between 10 and 14 verified ratings.

Platinum ‘CB Verified Badge’
To achieve this level an SAP consultant must have received between 15 and 24 verified ratings.

Elite ‘CB Verified’ Badge
This is the highest level awarded currently to any SAP consultant – to receive this award the consultant must have over 25 verified ratings from members of the SAP community.

5 Stars within the badge.

Each consultant is awarded points, between 1 & 5 by each of their referees, for each of the following 3 standardised questions:

• Professionalism.
• SAP skill.
• Communication

The maximum average score is 5, which is depicted in the 5 stars. The number of coloured stars visually displays the average rating the consultant has achieved. Each rating and review for an individual consultant is available by adding either the name of the consultant or consultants unique CB Id No to the reference checker at


Each SAP consultant member of is allocated a unique CB Identification Number, this is located in the centre of their CB Verified badge, to view more detailed information regarding any SAP consultant member, simply transfer the unique CB ID No to the reference checker solution on the front page of

From reference checker there are options to view each of the consultant’s ratings/references in detail – including the providers information. It is also possible to view the consultants CV and business profile to confirm the consultant is consistent with their CV and information.

As does not provide the name of SAP consultants, to ensure their privacy is respected, to verify a consultant is using their own CB Verified badge the business profile and CV provide the relevant information needed to do this.

To ensure maximum ROI and minimised time wasting when hiring an SAP consultant look for their ‘CB Verified Badge’ directly on their CV.

To find out more information please visit - Please feel free to test the 'Reference Checker' by simply adding 101112 where it states 'Enter CB Id:' - the consultant's profile, ratings & information will be displayed.

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