Yuuze.com Becomes First Fashion Networking Website, Eliminates What-To-Wear Dilemma

Yuuze allows you to create your profile for free personalized fashion suggestions, connect your network of friends, create your wardrobe to get suggestions on what to wear and much more. It is the industry’s first Social Network for fashion. For more information, visit www.yuuze.com

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 – – 72% of women look up clothes online. A new site gives intelligent fashion recommendations based on your profile while connecting your friends.

(NEW YORK CITY, NY) – Co-founder Kunal Agarwal today announced Yuuze, the fashion website that’s taking the guesswork out of what to wear based on your personalized profile, and input from friends, designers and stores.

No more checking magazines or asking around for what’s in; Yuuze’s patented algorithm considers numerous dressing idea factors including location, weather, current style - even what your friends are wearing - to help determine what to wear for any event or occasion.

Yuuze builds on a multipronged approach. First, it recommends what to wear based on customized criteria. Second, it lets users share outfits and wardrobes to their social circle of friends. For example, users can share fashion items using the Yuuze mobile app to seek buying advice or input.

“We believe that clothing and fashion is a social phenomenon that people like to discuss, debate and share. Yuuze allows users to discuss fashion with their friends, such as what to wear to a party or date, while providing useful fashion advice,” says Kunal Agarwal.

The latest fashion items are combined in a one-stop catalog that allows users to browse in a more intelligent way. For instance, you don’t only browse clothes by category, but by material, fit, style, season or event.

Launched in May 2011, the private beta version of Yuuze outperformed every metric forecast simply by word of mouth.

As users are joining at a millennial rate, fashion companies are faced with the dawning realization that Yuuze is set to become the next hub of fashion, providing access to vast analytical capabilities and predictive modeling to help build better relationships with a highly personalized audience.

More than just data gathering and reporting, the insights gleaned from Yuuze will allow fashion designers to make more informed decisions, and provide fashion advice to users.
“Yuuze was born out of the frustration that consumers feel when they try to figure out what to wear,” says Kunal Agarwal, “Likewise, the fashion industry has been looking for a social network that can help cater to tomorrow’s shopper who want to share and interact about fashion. Finally it’s here!” says :
Kunal Agarwal