Legacy Reverse Mortgage Leaders Discuss Economy on the Craig Sewing Show Sewing on his radio program

Jim Cory and Todd Ausherman of Legacy Reverse Mortgage join Craig Sewing on his radio program to discuss the economy, politics, and of course, reverse mortgages.

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 – – Jim Cory and Todd Ausherman of Legacy Reverse Mortgage join Craig Sewing on his radio program to discuss the economy, politics, and of course, reverse mortgages.
San Diego, CA – September 1st, 2011 – As part of a now regular weekly segment, real estate talk show host Craig Sewing invited and spoke with Legacy Reverse Mortgage executives on a recent airing.
Legacy founders Jim Cory and Todd Ausherman joined the Craig Sewing Show as guests on the August 9th, 2011, airing to discuss the economy, outrageous stock market swings, real estate market trends and news, and of course, reverse mortgages.
The guest appearance at the KCBQ 1170AM studio in San Diego came during a week in which Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke held a press conference following the conclusion of the most recent Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) meeting. Bernanke announced that benchmark interest rates would be held to near zero for an extended period of time, at least through 2013.
Another hot topic was the passage of a federal debt ceiling limit extension bill, passed a mere two days before the recording of the show. The now infamous downgrade of Treasuries bills by rating agency Standard & Poor’s, i.e. America’s ability to pay its debt, had just been announced as well.
While Cory and Ausherman agreed the nation and Congressional leaders face an unsustainable debt fiasco of catastrophic proportions, it was Ausherman who went out on a limb to praise the work by Bernanke.
“Bernanke is the smartest guy in the room, and his job is to keep the markets calm. But how do you keep the markets calm when you’re basically out of ammo?” Ausherman asked.
He also asserted that the notion of a QE3, a third installment of an elaborate Federal program to purchase and print cash to kick start a stagnant economy, would only “kick the debt can down the road”.
Other topics discussed by Cory and Ausherman included the vast fluctuation in stock market prices, which on that particular day bounced from a low of -2.5% to close up around 4%.
The men began to speak about the merits of reverse mortgages and how they relate to today’s dreary economic climate.
“We’ve seen a tremendous response from your audience”, Cory told Sewing, “but not because our clients feel desperate or because their backs are up against a wall. They’re calling because they’re looking for a better quality of life”.
The influx of Legacy Reverse Mortgage’s clients this year has a direct correlation to the increasing volatility in the stock and real estate markets, Cory says. Individuals facing the gloomy prospects of conformable retirement are looking at alternatives to deliver the quality of life they feel they deserve, and that’s a need Legacy believes a reverse mortgage can fill.
If you’re at least 62 years old and own your home outright, you can get free information about reverse mortgages and decide whether it’s a good fit for the lifestyle you want to live during retirement. Call Legacy Reverse Mortgage at (800) 991-4613 today.
The Craig Sewing Show airs on 1170AM KCBQ weekdays from 6pm-7pm. You can also listen to the August 9th show that features Jim Cory and Todd Ausherman by accessing the show archives on CraigSewing.com by [link: http://craigsewing.com/images/stories/audio/08-09-11.wma]visiting this link.[link]

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