Panic Away Review Released by the Company Panicawayreview101

The Panic Away Review created by the company helps people decide whether they would like to opt for this holistic program.

Online PR News – 29-September-2011 – – The Panic Away Review created by the company helps people decide whether they would like to opt for this holistic program that is based on the principles of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) that is found to produce results that are both fast as well as effective for sufferers of anxiety disorders and people with dysfunctional emotions and behaviors. The review summarizes the benefits of this anxiety treatment program that have been created to treat these kinds of behaviors that have become pretty common and cause huge problems. While there is plenty of information and support available online in the form of forums and discussion boards where people and medical practitioners talk about the different treatment methods and techniques currently available, the Panic Away program addresses two major forms of anxiety; namely general anxiety disorder and panic attacks by helping patients understand and recognize the thoughts and feelings that influence behavior,

Backed by numerous testimonials and with a customer base of over 54,000 satisfied customers, this anxiety treatment programs that is constantly updated with the latest information focuses on helping people cope with panic attacks that are debilitating to a sufferer and impact an entire life negatively. With an e-book that is easy to read and 145 pages long, the program addresses both the causes and symptoms of anxiety and teaches patients the three steps that help them not only cope but also eliminate anxiety and panic attacks to experience relief almost immediately or within a few short weeks. Panic Away Review suggests that the Panic Away program prevents anxiety from controlling people’s lives.

Along with the e-book, all the customers get free and unlimited access to one-to-one counseling and coaching sessions from Barry McDonagh, an authority on the topic of anxiety disorder and panic attacks who created and implemented simple and effective techniques through his panic attack treatment program that helped over fifty thousand people wean way from prescription drugs like Citalopram, Zispin, and Cipralex. The program comes with an 8 week guarantee and is more affordable than The Linden Method for anxiety treatment.