RWC Speeds Order Assignment and Links Bonuses to Client Feedback

ResearchWritingCenter’s new procedures increase writer autonomy in taking some orders, and reward those who garner positive client feedback

Online PR News – 26-September-2011 – – SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, SEPTEMBER 23, 2011 – The is implementing some important procedural changes affecting both writers and clients. For example, a targeted customer feedback system permits us to reward our writers whose clients express their happiness with their experience. Additionally, writers with first class status will be permitted to take certain available orders without requesting permission first. These changes should make it easier for writers to grow professionally, and improve service to our clients.
Here at RWC we have always collected and analyzed customer input. We encourage client feedback and collect it any way that is convenient for the client, whether by voicemail, email, message board, or feedback form; both during and after order completion. This process provides important information to writers, but it helps us to adjust our practices and procedures as well.
We also have thought carefully about procedures for matching writers with available orders. Fast assignment means fast results for clients. On the other hand, if a writer who does not have adequate experience in that topic or format is assigned, disaster can result for the customer, not to speak of the effects for writer and the company!
In fact, RWC writers whom we interviewed as part of this procedural change development have given us useful insights on this matter. They have told us that finding oneself out of one’s depth is a decidedly unpleasant experience, as is the uncertainty of waiting to find out whether a bid has been successful. We hope to avoid both as much as possible.
Upcoming procedural changes address both issues. Financial bonuses to writers whose customers take the time to comment positively will unambiguously connect client satisfaction with personal benefit. Writers who please customers will be winners as a result. In a separate effort, we are implementing procedures to make it very comfortable for clients to provide feedback.
To address the constant challenge of speedy order assignment, and help streamline the bidding process, we will increase writer autonomy on specific orders. Those writers with proven commitment to customer satisfaction may take certain orders instantly. As always, if any match between order and writer threatens customer interests, RWC’s Support team retains the privilege of re-assignment. This change should allow swifter inception of work, and more time to meet deadlines.
These changes should enhance our writers’ experience, and improve service for customers. Our academic writing project strives consistently to support all our clients in all their writing projects.
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