dwaynefordmusic.com Announces Final Solution To The Music Library Conundrum

dwaynefordmusic.com offers exceptional value as an alternative to "traditional" music licensing companies. A personal approach makes all the difference to your film project.

Online PR News – 30-September-2011 – Indio, California – dwaynefordmusic.com has released it's new, official website, which promises to end the nightmare of finding that "perfect piece of music" for your film project. Film producers, music supervisors and film directors now have a resource at their fingertips which will allow for a very personalized approach to film scoring on a shoe-string budget.

Most online music libraries offer tens of thousands of songs, usually organized into "genres" and "sub-genres", which means the music supervisor or film producer must spend hours and hours auditioning each piece of music. Time not well wasted.


At dwaynefordmusic.com you can listen to a variety of film oriented, high quality audio clips, download the clips individually, or download the different "Volumes". Here's where it gets good. If you find music you like, but it is still not quite what you had in mind, Dwayne Ford will personally re-write the clip to suit your needs. Key, tempo, duration, instrumentation - it is customized film scoring made simple.

Affordable, customized music will be delivered to you in a broadcast quality 24bit/48Khz audio file. Is this service free? No, but it is extremely reasonable and your film will be completed knowing you, as a producer, had a hand in the creative aspect of the music. Even if you can't find a "starting point" in any of the music at dwaynefordmusic.com, take heart. Just contact Dwayne and he will custom score your film to your specifications.

Dwayne Ford is a seasoned, experienced and immensely talented award-winning composer. His career as a "pop" composer veered into film scoring about 12 years ago. Since then, he has scored numerous film projects for national broadcast. At http://dwaynefordmusic.com/Reviews.html you can read for yourself about his prowess and the quality of his work.

Presently at dwaynefordmusic.com you will find 6 "Volumes" of film oriented music clips, entitled "Music For Film And Television" (volumes 1 through 6) along with recent commercial releases of his own AOR pop albums, "Some Day" and "On The Other Side" which also lend themselves very nicely to visual media. The auditioning experience is as pleasant as it gets. Beautifully elegant audio players instantly play the high quality audio files and the tempo of each track is listed. No more plowing through a haystack for the needle, waiting for the audio to load. There are even "Guide Vocal Tracks", which according to Ford, are intended as just that; but they are exceptionally beautiful vocals and lend the tracks a haunting, emotionally charged edge.

"Commercial music libraries have, to a large extent, rendered film scoring a dying art. The sad part is that the extensive use of music libraries to score films, documentaries or whatever, have "dumbed down" the quality of these media projects. Having your music scored by a competent, talented and caring composer might make the difference in getting your film noticed". dwaynefordmusic.com is definitely "punching above its weight class".


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