Husband And Wife Team Help Support The Economy By Making YouTube Videos!

With over 1000 videos, a husband and wife team from Michigan has shared their travel experiences, while supporting local business and bringing more awareness to their audience.

Online PR News – 26-September-2011 – – The YouTube channel "Bowling For Donuts" started out with the idea to share travel experiences, while sharing information about different towns throughout the USA. Since then, they have started to focus on sharing information about local businesses in different cities throughout the USA. The videos are being made by Terrance and Sarah Schemansky, a husband and wife team from south east Michigan. Their videos also cover topics on local real estate, and money, plus more laid back videos about classic cars, pets and animals, some funny videos, and more. They also share some of their best YouTube videos on their official blog through Wordpress.

By using a hand held video camera, Terrance and Sarah record short and informative videos while visiting cities throughout the USA. They take the opportunity to tell others about many of the local independent businesses they come across through their videos. "We made a video about an Indian food restaurant we like, and it made the first page of Google. The next time we ate there, the owner was so happy to see us since our short video got him much deserved recognition. We like the idea of boosting the economy by supporting small businesses".

Now, they are traveling to other states and discovering more new places while creating a steady flow of videos on a daily basis. This has helped to gain an even larger audience for their YouTube channel which they continue to grow beyond 1000 videos. It's completely free to subscribe and stay updated of their latest videos at

Husband And Wife Team Help Support The Economy By Making YouTube Videos! Husband And Wife Team Help Support The Economy By Making YouTube Videos!

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About Terrance & Sarah :-

Terrance is a Musician and entrepreneur who writes songs, and runs a business. Sarah is a Barista and Terrance's lovely wife. They both enjoy traveling and being creative together in their day to day activities!