SAP software not delivering? Is it the software or the implementation team?

Has the standard of SAP consulting fallen far enough? Accountability is called for from each individual consultant and consulting house. Making individual's reputation the key.

Online PR News – 26-September-2011 – – Molndal, Sweden - SAP software provides the cornerstone IT solution of most of the fortune 100 companies globally, accountable for each success and failure, yet the SAP consultants themselves have no personal, centrally verified accountability for their own professionalism - introducing personal responsibility and promoting the professional SAP consultants through information sharing is becoming the industry standard using a time honoured tradition of comparison. has revolutionised the world of travel – with reviews from people who have actual experience. is revolutionising the SAP jobs market – each SAP consultant proving their business reputation by collecting ratings/reviews from members of the SAP community who have experienced working with them – as with Tripadvisor each reviewer provides a point scored rating for an individual consultant accompanied by a written reference. The ratings/reviews of each consultant are verified (by hand) and then instantly visible through the SAP consultant 'Reference Checker' in

Tripadvisor and ConsultantBox both provide a free service to their respective community – SAP consultants create their profiles, upload resume's and request ratings, all in under 10 minutes, free of charge.

Though the benefit to hiring managers is obvious - able to obtain reliable, verified (and free) information about any SAP consultant prior to hiring, the professional SAP consultant will benefit equally - not only does this solution clearly promote the CV of any professional SAP consultant above the unprofessional/unproven consultants (applying for the same position), it also ensures they will be working with like minded professional SAP consultants to extract maximum ROI from the SAP software.
The core aim of is to improve the quality of SAP consulting standards through direct information sharing. The process of reference/rating build and check, is and will remain a free community service to ensure the credibility of the references. delivers an SAP specific solution, designed to collate and hand verify reviews provided by the SAP community. Membership is not available to recruitment agents and ratings & reviews will not be accepted by agents.

All SAP customer members are provided with a 'Supporting CB' badge (used on their websites and stationary), declaring their intention of checking (prior to hiring) each consultant for reliability - to help prevent unprofessional SAP consultants applying for positions.

All SAP consultant members, with a minimum of 1 rating, are provided with a 'CB verified' badge, the badges are to be placed on their CV, signature, website or blog – the most important way to improve a CV? Provide instant, verified proof of reputation.
Any member of the SAP community with the same belief, that the quality of SAP consulting standards should be taken into account when hiring, will be warmly welcomed at

Built and designed to Swedish standards for the global SAP market.

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