Survey Reveals People Are Taking Their Laptops To Bed

A recent study has found that many people who own a laptop are browsing the web in their pyjamas for more than six hours a week.

Online PR News – 29-May-2009 – – A recent study has found that many people who own a laptop are browsing the web in their pyjamas for more than six hours a week.

The survey conducted by Credant Technologies found that more than half of UK workers take their laptop or other mobile devices to bed and use them before they go to sleep.

Credant Technologies, a data protection company, surveyed 300 workers to uncover patterns of laptop use and security implications and 57 per cent of those said that they spend at least six hours a week doing work on their laptops from their bed before they go to sleep.

Most of them said that their companions found the habit “very annoying” and 8 per cent of the offenders admitted spending more time on mobile devices than talking to their partners each night.

Forty-four per cent of the respondents said they store important work documents on their mobile devices and 54 per cent of those devices lacked encryption.

One-fifth of the respondents acknowledged using wireless networks that aren’t secure while they work in bed.

VP at Credant, Michael Callahan, said, “This survey confirms that there is a growing population that is no longer restricted by working hours or confined to the office building itself.

"People are mobile and will work anywhere -- even in bed. Therefore, when sensitive and valuable data is being held on these devices and they get lost, it can have pretty detrimental and far-reaching consequences to both the worker and their employer."

The survey also revealed that eighty-seven percent of respondents favour connecting to the Internet via wireless networks while in bed.

Forty-seven percent said they connect to wireless networks in hotels without thinking about security.

Credant advised the 4 per cent of respondents who said the last thing they do before going to sleep is to check their e-mail messages and complete work to "take a long, hard look at their gadget-obsessed lives."

The company also advised encryption of data stored on mobile devices, the use of strong passwords, awareness of all points of connection, turning off unsecured Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices, and leaving the laptops behind at bedtime.

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