Child's Kidney Stones Treatment Questioned for Hospital Malpractice

After what should have been routine surgery for kidney stones 5 months ago, 11 year old Rizwana has still not recovered

Online PR News – 11-January-2010 – – India – Monday 11th January 2010: Subhan Shaik, father of kidney stones sufferer Rizwana, has lodged a police complaint this month against KJ Somaiya hospital in Mumbai for wrong treatment. Rizwana, aged 11, was taken to the hospital for surgery to remove her kidney stones in July 2009, but has subsequently needed two surgeries and three hospitalizations to rectify complications.

Having to pass kidney stones was never an option for Rizwana, as the pain would have been too severe. Yet it seems she has had 5 months of discomfort anyway, as in August 2009 she started bleeding in the stomach; a complication from the fistula that developed following her initial kidney stones treatment.

“It's cases like Rizwana's that really justify trying natural remedies before going in for surgery” says Adi Friedman, PR Director kidney stones remedy StoneCLR, “start taking one as soon as the symptoms of kidney stones start and it could save months of painful surgical procedures”.

StoneCLR is a natural kidney stones remedy, sold simply in capsule form, comprising nine herbal ingredients to provide an all-natural approach. Kidney stones are common amongst US citizens (affecting approximately one in 20 women and more in men) and have been on the rise over the past three decades. Treatments include invasive surgery such as the one Rizwana Shaik underwent in July last year, ureteroscopy (passing a telescope through the ureter to either break up kidney stones) and ESWL (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy) to make it easier to pass kidney stones through urination.

11 year old Rizwana is still receiving hospital treatment as a result of kidney stones complications, but has been moved to Sion hospital. Police are currently looking into the KJ Somaiya hospital records before launching a field investigation report into Mr. Sheik's complaint. At this stage, onlookers can only wonder whether Rizwana would've been saved a lot of pain and trauma if she had started with an all-natural kidney stones remedy such as StoneCLR.

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