CNAweb Offering Computer Surge Protectors

CNAweb, a reputable supplier of computer parts online, is offering reliable computer surge protectors sourced from reputed manufacturers. The company has made a mark for itself dealing in affordably priced, high-standard computer parts.

Online PR News – 26-September-2011 – – Dayton, Ohio 26 September 2011: Trusted independent suppliers of PC hardware online are few. One such supplier is CNAweb, which is offering high-standard surge protectors, power cords and UPS, sourced from reputed manufacturers. The company offers a complete line of these products at competitive prices, offering a one stop solution for retailers and end users.

Discussing the surge protectors on offer, a senior executive of the company commented, “We deal in the highest quality computer parts that fit your professional requirements. With us, you can get the best computer power cord, surge protector suppressor, UPS and other accessories at competitive prices. We feel proud when our clients choose us over a hundred other online suppliers of computer products.”

Clients can source a complete line of power strips with the company. Six Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip w/ 26" Cord, Six Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip w/ 6' Cord, 3 Outlet Power Strip with 1' Cord, 6 Outlet Child Protective Power Strip w/ 1 1/2' Cord and 3 Outlet USB Charger Power Strip w/ 1' Cord are available at $3.90, $6.25, $1.94, $3.50 and $6.75 respectively. 6 Outlet Plastic Strip Surge Protector w/ 12' Cord can be purchased at $7.95, 6 Outlet Perpendicular Type Power Strip w/ 12' Cord at $9.90, Heavy Duty Metal Case Power Strip at $15.75, Power Center w/ Modem Protection at $17.25, Travel Surge Protector w/ 2 Port USB Charger at $20.00, 9 Outlet TV Protection Deluxe Surge Protector Power Strip w/ 6' Cord at $22.25 and 8 Outlet Power Managed Energy Controlled Surge Protector just at $27.00 apiece.

Desktop Surge Protector w/ 2 Port USB Charger is available for $28.80, 6 Outlet Energy Controlled Surge Protector w/ Remote for $38.00, 1U Rack Mount 1-1/4" Power Strip for $39.50, 10 Outlet Home Theater Surge Protector Power Strip w/ 10' Cord for $68.75 while 16 Port 12V DC 10A 1.5U Rack Mount Power Supply can be sourced only for $299.00. The product line offered by the company is enough to take care of the clients' requirements.

With a variety of computer surge protectors available and an assurance of quality as well, the clients have every reason to take advantage of the company's services. Payments can be made online, and the products are delivered at the place of the clients' choice. Once payment is received, they make sure that the products are delivered within the stipulated time frame.

About CNAweb
Computer Network Accessories (CNA), based at Dayton in Ohio, deals in computer hardware including networking equipment, installation accessories, monitor mounts, printer supplies and surge protector. Computer parts available are sourced from trustworthy manufacturers. Their refund policy in case the customers are dissatisfied with the product supports the confidence of the customers in the company.

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