Tarang Launches Many New Educational Programs For The Slum Children Of Mumbai To Uplift The Standard

Tarang is an educational NGO based in India which operates from Mumbai. This educational NGO has launched many new educational programs to educate the slum children of Mumbai free of cost. Hundreds of children have already benefitted from free educational programs of Tarang.

Online PR News – 26-September-2011 – – Mumbai, Maharastra - On the one hand India is boasting of the country’s great achievements in technology and science and on the other hand the country has to face the stark reality of poverty and the related effects. There are many organizations from around the world try to help India alleviate poverty by launching numerous welfare projects to improve the quality of life and the standard of life of poor people. No amount of effort seems to be sufficient and what is required is not just help from outside but help from within. India today needs more NGOs and non-profit organizations that will help the country from within by creating effective welfare programs that will reach the people. Tarang, a leading India NGO is doing exactly this. The main mission of this NGO in India is to provide free education in India.
Tarang focuses on one specific part of the country to start making the difference and that is Mumbai. Tarang strives hard to reach out to the poor people in the slums of Mumbai. Tarang not only has a very specific target area but also has a very specific mission and that is to educate every child in this planet starting with the children in the slums of Mumbai. Tarang has initiated as of date numerous educational programs to suit the ground reality in Mumbai. Tarang also strives hard to maintain the highest standards in the quality of education offered through the NGOs efforts.
As it can be easily guessed all these free education programs require a lot of financial backing which is one of the greatest challenges faced by every NGO. The success or failure of an NGO’s efforts does not only depend on the dedication and hard work of the volunteers but also on the financial stability of the NGO to carry through the projects to the end. Moreover unlike other goals and missions of NGOs offering free education to the slum children of Mumbai is an on going need which means there is an ongoing need for funds and support. To know more about the educational services of Tarang and to support his educational NGO in India please visit http://www.tarang.org/.