The Twilight Saga Russet Noon: A Team Jacob Sequel to Breaking Dawn

Lady Sybilla has launched her new official blog at where she features her controversial Team Jacob novel, The Twilight Saga Russet Noon.

Online PR News – 26-September-2011 – – As we approach the worldwide release of the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, Team Jacob fans are gearing up for the ultimate epic battle against Team Edward.

As we all know, Team Edward wins in the movie, since Robert Pattinson's character, kindhearted and sensitive vegetarian vampire, Edward Cullen, gets the girl in the end. Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, makes her choice and thus ends the painfully prolonged love triangle between Edward and loyal Quileute werewolf Jacob Black. She marries Edward and leaves Jake behind to lick his wounds alone.

According to The Twilight Saga, Jacob has to settle for imprinting on the demon child, Renesmee, who is a half breed conceived by a vampire father, Edward, and a frail human mother, Bella.

This is the best "happily ever after" author Stephenie Meyer could muster up as far as The Twilight Saga is concerned. However, a question stills hangs in the air, especially for the Team Jacob army. What is to become of Jacob after Breaking Dawn?

This is where Lady Sybilla and The Twilight Saga Russet Noon come in. Unwilling to accept the official finale of the multimillion dollar series, Gothic webmistress Lady Sybilla has taken it upon herself to expose the many unresolved issues conveniently brushed over at the end of Breaking Dawn.

And what better way to do it than to write a sequel to Breaking Dawn that is entirely told from the perspective of Jacob Black himself?

The Twilight Saga Russet Noon first unleashed a worldwide scandal back in March of 2009, when the announcement of its release ruffled the feathers of a few Team Edward head honchos, including the furies of the Twilight Lexicon and, of course, Stephenie Meyer herself.

Two years later, The Twilight Saga Russet Noon still stands strong against its enemies with the upcoming release of its second volume this Halloween 2011. Visit to find out what all the buzz is about. Get ready for the ultimate epic battle between Team Jacob and Team Edward.

And, yes, there will be blood. Watch the new YouTube trailer of The Twilight Saga Russet Noon at