Indiana Jones Gets Mini Makeover

Indiana Jones lampooned as “Miniana Jones” in new comedy film ‘Parody Movie’

Online PR News – 25-September-2011 – – Hollywood, CA – What would Indiana Jones be like if he were 6 inches tall and worked in a bowling alley? That’s the plot behind “Miniana Jones and the Bowling Alley of Doom” a short comedy sketch from the larger feature film ‘Parody Movie.’ When a bowling pin gets stuck in the gutter, the tiny Miniana Jones pushes it free. He quickly finds himself in peril as a bowling ball hurls toward him at full speed!

“I’ve been a huge fan of Indiana Jones since I was a kid,” says Director Charles Dewandeler, “he is a larger-than-life adventure hero, so I thought it would be funny to spoof him as a miniature bowling alley employee.” Originally from Michigan, Dewandeler moved to Los Angeles almost four years ago to pursue a career in film. He wrote and directed ‘Parody Movie’ as a way to spoof and pay homage to his favorite films including Batman, Superman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and many more.

The budget for ‘Parody Movie’ was much smaller than most movies, but that didn’t stop Charles Dewandeler and his crew from creating the visual effects necessary for a 6 inch tall Miniana Jones. “We used what we had available, green screen effects, clever camera angles and editing tricks to bring Miniana Jones to life,” says Dewandeler, “and it’s all worth it when you see the final product.”

“Miniana Jones and the Bowling Alley of Doom” is now available for free viewing online. “We hope that by sharing a few short scenes from ‘Parody Movie’, it will inspire people to buy the whole movie on,” says Dewandeler. Websites and bloggers are welcome to embed the “Miniana Jones” video on their pages by using the HTML code found on youtube:

‘Parody Movie’ is a feature length independent comedy film Directed by Charles Dewandeler, released by The Last Great Movie Company. It is now available on DVD on More info can be found on the official site