Singapore-Based Cross-Cultural Communications Consultancy e2m Launches Mini-Programme

New 2-Hour Cross-Cultural Solutions launch coincides with global economic upturn. “It has never been a more appropriate time as Singapore is a favourite Expatriate destination”, says Ange Teo, e2m’s Principal Coach.

Online PR News – 11-January-2010 – – Singapore – “Global economies are emerging from the recession, so it has never been a better time for Cross-Cultural Communication coaching”, continues Teo. Who is also the Managing Director of e2m expat etiquette mentoring [e2m], a Singapore-based Cross-Cultural Communications Solutions Provider.

“It is, therefore, pertinent that new Expatriates, being guests, understand their Hosts’ Cultural motivations, perspectives and quirks. Their failure to adjust to their new environment saw many more prematurely terminating their assignments.”

It is precisely these factors and some prospective customers’ concern for costs that e2m launches “The 2-Hour Cross-Cultural Workshop” today in Singapore. As the name suggests, it is a mini of e2m’s In-Demand Cross-Cultural Solutions but at special rates.

“The 2-Hour Cross-Cultural Workshop” -- customised accordingly to customers’ requirements -- touches on Cultural Intelligence, Conflict Prevention and, Understanding Hosts’ and Expatriates’ Cultural Habits.

Some of the aforementioned e2m In-Demand Solutions are Communicating Effectively with Singaporeans; The Global + Multicultural Workplace; and Intercultural Executive Coaching for C-Suites.

Participants of the mini-programme have a choice of three delivery options: in a workshop setting, one-to-one coaching or online classroom. The latter has a Blended-Coaching option for individuals who want to prepare before making their journey to Singapore. They can then continue the remaining lesson face-to-face after their arrival.

As the Culturally-Diverse Workplace is here to stay, it is to the company’s or individual’s long-term benefit to be Culturally Competent. As evidenced by multicultural Singapore’s popularity among Expatriates who continue flocking to the island-state. It is thus crucial that they handle Cross-Cultural relations with due care.

About e2m expat etiquette mentoring:

Singapore-based e2m expat etiquette mentoring specialises in the areas of Conflict Resolution & Management; Third Culture Work Environment; and Cultural Intelligence [CQ] & Competency Acquisition. CQ is a new domain of intelligence that has immense relevance to the global economy.

For additional information or any other queries, please contact Ange Teo.