Reduce Disposal Cost By Drying Your Wastewater Slurries And Sludge With The New ENCON Drum Dryer

The ENCON Drum Dryer is a compact, easy to use, and affordable system for concentrating slurries and sludge to a dry condition. The ENCON Drum Dryer can also be used as a ENCON Drum Evaporator, allowing the user to minimize wastewater and bring it to a dry solid in one convenient system.

Online PR News – 23-September-2011 – – ENCON Evaporators, a leader in wastewater evaporation technology, is proud to introduce the ENCON Drum dryer. This compact, easy to use system concentrates slurries and sludge to a dry condition. These systems are electrically heated, operate in batch mode, and are controlled on a time and temperature basis.

Typical applications include: bottoms from ENCON Thermal Evaporators, concentrate from ENCON MVC Evaporators, concentrated salt slurries, viscous solutions such as water based inks & paints, and other water based sludge applications.

The ENCON Drum Dryer offers numerous advantages over other types of drying equipment including:
1. Constant circular and vertical mixing of sludge or slurry to ensure homogeneous drying.
2. Drum can also be the disposal vessel to minimize handling.
3. Timer controlled to avoid over drying.
4. Temperature controlled for safe drying.
5. Pneumatic lift system to easily remove mixing system from drum.

The ENCON Drum Dryer completely encapsulates a 55 gallon drum of sludge or slurry and heats it from outside the drum. Since the heating elements do not contact the sludge or slurry there is no requirement to clean the heat transfer surface. Temperatures are controlled with a thermocouple and timer system to provide consistent heating and accurate level of dryness. Hi torque motor and gear reducer provide gentle and consistent agitation even as solutions become more viscous and solid.

The ENCON Drum Dryer can also be used as a standard ENCON Drum evaporator. Once the wastewater is reduced to a sludge or slurry, the unit can be switched to dryer mode to bring the residue to a dry state.

Pneumatic lifting system allows easy removal of lid and agitator system at completion of drying. Hinged clamshell walls along with pneumatic lifting system allow easy removal of drum and dolly for loading and unloading.

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