Locate Jobs Network Launches Cyber Security Job Board Channel

Locate Jobs Network, a nationwide network of niche job boards, has launched its new cyber security hiring channel, focusing on employment and recruiting in the information assurance field.

Online PR News – 25-September-2011 – – Ellicott City, Maryland, September 23, 2011 - Targeting the rapidly-expanding field of cyber security, the Locate Jobs Network has created a channel of cyber security job boards within its larger network of niche job boards, and will offer employers and recruiters cost-effective job posting options to target qualified information assurance and cyber security personnel. The move comes at a time when the network is continuing to expand rapidly and mirrors a similar expansion in the U.S. government's hiring goals within the cyber security field.

Says Michael Wist, the company's Director of Operations, "We've typically got a very good handle on the needs of employers and recruiters nationwide. In this instance, however, we simply had to look around our local area here in Maryland to understand that government and contractor hiring needs within the information assurance field were staggering. DoD Directive 8570 has assured us that certified cyber security professionals will be in great demand in the coming years, and our job boards are a very natural conduit for recruiters and employment candidates to connect."

Upon its launch, the cyber security channel of the Locate Jobs Network will consist of nearly 30 new job boards, with some very specifically focused on positions that are related to the various IT and security certifications that are routinely offered in conjunction with Directive 8570. Among these are CompTIA's A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications, as well as various other vendor-neutral and vendor-specific certifications that include EnCE, SCNS, SCNP, SCNA and the CISSP certification, among others. Official DoD documentation highlights the specific certifications that are necessary for candidates to have acquired when seeking to fill various positions within the U.S. government directly, or when working with a government contractor in the cyber security and information assurance arena.

Notes Matthew Blevins, the company's Director of Marketing, "Jobs in cyber security are among the most sought after in the IT field at present, and much of the demand among recruiters is virtually assured for the coming years because there is a mandate from the U.S. military to ramp up readiness in this critical area of security. The opportunities for employment candidates are extraordinary. It may just be that this is the biggest area of employment growth in the Mid-Atlantic region over the coming decade."

Locate Jobs Network will also seek to add additional job boards in the cyber security channel as the field continues to develop and in accordance with the company's ongoing commitment to serving the needs of both its customers and the employment candidates who frequent websites within the network.

About Locate Jobs Network

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