Robinsons Removals Reacts to Australia's Possible Reduction of Immigrants in Coming Years

The Australian Government, who has seen a record number of immigrants enter the country during the 2008/09 year, may plan to reduce its intake target figure for the coming migration year.

Online PR News – 29-May-2009 – – The Australian Government, who has seen a record number of immigrants enter the country during the 2008/09 year, may plan to reduce its intake target figure for the coming migration year.

With the ongoing global economic crisis in full flow, Australia is set to drop the number of immigrants into the country as a result of the economic circumstances.

The countries immigration minister Chris Evans said, “"It is fair to say that we expect the demand in the economy for labour to reduce. As it is a programme very much linked to the demand for labour, we expect to run a smaller programme,"

The changes to the immigration system has not yet been finalised but is expected that the Government will take a more targeted approach in the coming years.

In recent months, increased emphasis has already been placed on attracting applicants with employer or state sponsorship, and those with skills on the Critical Skills Lost, which was implemented at the start of this year.

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