Pongr Offers A Cutting Edge Mobile Media Marketing With Brand Games.

Pongr brings in a concept of mobile media advertising with a fresh outlook.

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Title: Pongr Offers A Cutting Edge Mobile Media Marketing With Brand Games.

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Boston, MA- September 23, 2011 – With the diversified growth of internet and associated infrastructure, the online platform of World Wide Web has been evolved as a prospective platform for information interchange. There has been profusion of information and people now realize the potential of using this vast platform for marketing and promotion throughout the world. Social Media has evolved as the most prospective platform for information interchange, data sharing, brand promotion and marketing. The social media marketing is on high trends with enormous people joining in with various communities.
Mobile phones have been in use by people for some time now. Almost every person is using mobile phone. With the evolution of technology, the mobile phones today are equipped with camera, internet applications, and browsing technology. People can use mobile phones at any place at any time to share their interest among their circle of friends. The potentiality of mobile media marketing is absolutely huge as virtually every person in the world is using a mobile phone. Mobile photos are quite common as we use them to share our thoughts, happenings and moods. Unknowingly we promote for some of the brands with each of our mobile photo. Think of a situation where you are with a Pepsi can during your celebration and you say cheers! in your photo. You normally share this photo among your friends through social networks. Here, along with sharing your photo with a Pepsi can you are advertising for Pepsi products unknowingly. This is the difference what makes Pongr work effectively for a mobile media promotion.
Pongr brings in a concept of mobile media advertising with a fresh outlook. They offer a social network of mobile interests of people and encourage people to share them to public. Photography using mobile is nothing new a concept. But using mobile photos for brand games does really makes some difference. Pongr encourages sharing of mobile photos taken with various products or services through various social media platforms. They have a specialized application of social photo recognition that helps to find out various brand images from different social media applications. This mobile gaming site helps to calculate the brand images those have been share among the public through various social media applications. Augmented realty applications from Pongr helps in conducting an active marketing strategy with mobile media marketing.
Speaking about their initiative a spokesperson from Pongr enunciates, - “We offer a platform where you can understand the vivid potential of mobile media advertising with augmented reality applications. You will be playing simple brand games with our mobile gaming site and can help in promoting the brand with absolutely no cost. On the other hand brand owners can take advantage of this brand promotion and can specify their brands for promotion in the mobile media. We at Pongr will offer you mobile gaming through various brands. Ultimately you play games while the brand owners receive promotion of their brands with mobile media advertising. You will also be rewarded with such promotions through mobile media. This is how we work.”
It’s fun, its easy to share and it’s an online marketing strategy. You will never run out of your energy while playing for fun. You can earn money through such promotions while you still share ample fun with your friends and communities. Visit them at blog.pongr.com to know more, today!


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