Post Workout Meal Benefits Highlighted In New Weight Gain Cookbook

Jeff Masterson, the author of the popular online muscle building guide The Weight Gain Blueprint, has just announced the release of a second product – The Weight Gain Cookbook.

Online PR News – 25-September-2011 – – To celebrate the release of The Weight Gain Cookbook, Masterson has released a special blog post, which gives his readers an inside look at the requirements, and importance of, a post workout meal.

In the post, Masterson goes as far to say that without a proper post workout meal, it is actually possible to lose weight.

This may surprise some readers so he goes on to clarify his stance.

“By lifting heavy weights, you’re tearing your muscle tissues down. So in order to build more muscle now you need to provide the second element in the equation – food. Without food, your muscles stay in that broken down state and you will find you’re getting weaker over time” he said.

In the post, he goes on to explain the types of foods that work best for the after the workout. The consensus is that high protein and high carbs work well, but fat should be avoided.

He goes on to give examples of popular food choices in each of the protein and carbs food groups. One particular post workout food that is mentioned is a protein shake.

Readers can get a wide range of protein shake and smoothie recipes from the newly released Weight Gain Cookbook. The recipes are packed with protein and healthy carbs, and better still – they actually taste nice.

This is likely to be a very attractive proposition for individuals wanting more of a focus with their muscle building diet regime.

Masterson explains how he had to pay a professional nutritionist $850 to design special muscle building shakes and smoothies for him. So customers of the Cookbook are in for a special treat as they can get hold of it all, and more, for just $47.

“I paid this certified bodybuilding nutritionist over $850 to work with me and come up with the most delicious meals and smoothies for my personal diet. And let me tell you, it was worth every penny because now I eat like a king!” he stated.

Readers are encouraged to check out this recent post by Masterson titled “Post Workout Meal For Building Muscle Mass”, to learn more. And for those looking for a complete nutrition solution, the Weight Gain Cookbook may well be their answer.