10 Minute Trainer Is Back At Fitness Body Online

The 10-Minute Trainer workout program was once the most talked about workout in 2008 when it debuted. Almost 4 years later the program that some criticized as a "Too Good To Be True" workout is starting to get noticed by a few credible sources.

Online PR News – 22-September-2011 – – A casting call recently went out by Beachbody to any and all who have a 10 Minute Trainer success story. The reason for this announcement? Perhaps you're wondering, wasn’t that released sometime in 2008? Why is there a sudden rebirth in the 10 Minute Trainer program? Who created it and what exactly is a “10 Minute Trainer” workout program?

The 10 Minute Trainer is featured in the October issue of SELF magazine and was given 4 out of 5 stars. It was reviewed and used by SELF fitness editor Marissa Stephenson who claimed she lost a few pounds and inch off her waist in just 30 days without even doing the nutrition part of the program.

The combination of SELF magazine fitness editor review and the casting call that recently went out promoting the new infomercial had us scratching our heads and thinking about 10 Minute trainer and why we need to carry it again.

Tony Horton created 10 Minute Trainer and he’s the man behind Power 90, P90X, and the soon to be released P90X2. His muscle confusion technique in his workout programs have helped many athletes stay strong and fit when they need it the most. 10 Minute Trainer is designed for all those people who have busy lives where fitness isn’t at the top of their priority list of getting things done. Most people know that to lose weight and look good, you have to exercise regularly and eat well. That’s a no brainer. Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer allows for a compromise in time to get a decent foundation of physical fitness in your day.

Think of the time you’ve got in the day. For those busy people do not have an extra 10 minutes and everything is a rush from start to finish the Ten Minute Trainer is for them. Running around through the grocery store and picking up the kids from school isn’t exactly a workout. What if in your busy schedule there was a way to get that extra umph you need when you're out and about and it could be done in 10 minutes? This busy go go lifestyle that many in this country lead is no doubt a big reason for the resurgence of the 10-Minute Trainer workout program.

What makes 10 Minute Trainer different? It is a lot lighter of a workout program than P90X. All good things come from solid foundations. The workout program itself showcases its success on the preparation in foundation. You can’t even have a fit body unless your workout has a solid foundation. 10 minute Trainer is brief in this technique with 5 workout DVD’s while the P90X program is more thorough with 12.

Muscle confusion is the beef of what Tony Horton provides in his workout videos and the 10 Minute Trainer program is a condensed version of that. One of the beauties of 10 Minute Trainer is that each 10 minute workout can be “stacked” with the other 10 minute workouts so there is room for growth once you get past and see results from the initial exercises. All you need is a start. 10 minutes of commitment is an easy place to do that.

The fact is that this program works, a sentiment that can be heard echoed from years of personal experiences like SELF fitness editor Marissa Stephenson. There are still stories to tell and changes in people’s lives that are being heard. This program lives because the information lasts through time.

An often overlooked piece of the 10 minute trainer program is the nutrition guide that comes with the program. It shows what foods to cut out and what natural foods to bring in. Processed sugar, alcohol, and gluten are the ones you would need to cut out. You can exercise all you want but if you aren’t eating healthy, you probably won’t see the results you expect.

This workout program is designed to work within your schedule and timeframe. That’s what makes this program still have life in 2011 and beyond. It's the beyond part we at Fitness Body Online.com are most concerned about. What was snubbed as a workout program with no longevity, has survived for nearly 4 years. It's back and seems to be better than ever, giving even the busiest of magazine editors a run for their money.

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