Lapin System Announces Electronics Recycling Program At A Nominal Fee

Lapin Systems, Chicago’s top-rated Apple Systems specialist, announces an electronics recycling program for your Apple system at a nominal price.

Online PR News – 23-September-2011 – – Taking your old electronics item out of the picture. Lapin Systems, Chicago's a top-rated Apple Systems specialist helps you protect environment by keeping old computers out of your landfills, and away from the waste torrent flowing into developing countries. There is a nominal cost at Lapin system, an Apple Authorized Repair Center( for you to take your end-of-life electronics to one of a collection of sites across the area so they can be recycled in a useful and environmentally safe manner.

Many pieces of computer equipment contain materials that can be harmful to people and the environment. You can help avoid generating computer waste by not causally replacing your computer. If replacement is essential, your used computer should be reused and recycled as far as possible. Computers contain machinery and materials that can be recovered, such as metals and plastics, and some old computers can be repaired and put to second-hand use. Electronics Recycling Program is voluntary, as it has been set up to provide a way for the public to manage their used computer tools in an environmentally sound way.

Another objective of the Electronics Recycling Program is to raise public attentiveness of the need to re-use and recycle computer waste. As an example, Lapin System provides warranty service for any Apple product. Evanston Apple( specialist finds efficient ways to recycle electronic equipment, including iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC computers, and displays. Their Lapin Systems -proficient Chicago Apple Repair( specialists can travel to your business or home, resolve any technical problems and help you get the most from your Mac. Lapin Systems’ new recycling program is not only kinder to the earth but will probably help them tempt PC owners to their side of the electronics world.

For more information, please visit and be a part of their recycling program today.