Fortis Lisa Ray “Spirit of Life award” – honouring the most inspiring cancer braveheart

A special initiative by Fortis Cancer Institute Mulund recognizing the “can do” spirit in overcoming cancer

Online PR News – 23-September-2011 – – In a unique event organized by Fortis Cancer Institute, International star and cancer conqueror Lisa Ray today honoured Dr Mary Francis with “Fortis Spirit of Life Award” for her courages battle against breast cancer. This initiative translates Fortis’ commitment towards creating a system of offering comprehensive care beyond medical treatment.
Commenting on the initiative Ms Lisa Ray said, “We wish to celebrate the spirit of life that exists within each of the cancer conquerors through this award. Overcoming cancer is not about healing the body; it’s about healing the mind. As a patient, I had to go through fear and isolation, it is human. I have learnt that conquering cancer is all about attitude. I was blessed to find immense support because I sought for it. When you need help, ask for it! Being a cancer survivor I can surely say that this initiative will bring to the forefront many cancer advocates who are great inspirers” added Ms. Ray.
Mr. Aditya Vij, CEO, Fortis India, said “At Fortis, our foray into Oncology was a few years ago. We have dedicated Oncology centers offering comprehensive cancer care services in several of our facilities. Taking this commitment forward we started the Fortis Cancer Institute in Mulund in 2010. We didn’t want to build just another Centre for Cancer treatment but a Centre of Excellence. With this in mind we assembled a fine team of surgeons, specialists and oncologists. We built a brand new block and we equipped it with the best machinery some of which are first in the city like VMAT (Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy) & IORT (Intra Operative Radiation Therapy). Most of all we made sure that there were systems in place to offer our patients the Fortis 3C (Comprehensive customized Care) that would embrace all forms of treatment modalities- medical, surgical and radiations and take a patient from diagnosis to cure, follow up and counseling under one roof. We created the perfect battlefield to support our cancer fighters in the formidable war they would fight. The emphasis was not just on survival but a glorious return to quality of life.”
Also present on the occasion Dr. Lloyd Nazareth, President & COO, Fortis said, “Fortis Cancer Institute is one of the few centres in India to offer end to end cancer care from diagnostic to rehabilitation. Focus is on interdisciplinary patient care that involves medical professionals from a variety of disciplines, including medicine, surgery, radiation, education, wellness and support services. Our institute has also attracted the best of medical talent to offer these treatments. These full time specialists, experts in their field are supported with sophisticated technology and trained technicians, physicists and nursing professionals to offer a complete care. We also have a fully integrated cancer control program that emphasizes prevention and early detection. Currently we are treating the largest number of cancer patients in the city with our widespread network.”
Mr. Varun Khanna, Regional Director, Fortis Hospitals (East & West) added, “Cancer is a disease which impacts the patient psychologically more than physically. The support from family members and the society keeps the spirit of the patient alive and help him fight the disease and live life to the fullest. It is important for society and family to uplift the spirit of the patient and help to battle the disease. We have inspirational stories of survivors and Lisa Ray, the epitome of bravery is here to honour another cancer fighter. Her attitude of taking the battle in the positive stride has inspired many and with this association we want to convey the message -“once you choose hope anything is possible”.
While unveiling “Fortis Lisa Ray Spirit of Life Award” Mr. Khanna states this initiative is a part of our 3C commitment. As we lead our innovative way to build a healthier community, we are also announcing the launch of – Fortis 3C support group... the 3 C translates into comprehensive, customised, care for our patients. The support group intends to reach out to patients through a support system which will help them fight the disease saying ‘you are not alone - we are there with you’.
Receiving the honour from Ms Lisa Ray, Dr Mary Francis who fought her battle against cancer said, “I faced cancer with confidence without letting the disease affect my zest for life. God has given me a new life and I would like to use it positively by spreading awareness about cancer and to urge people to face with the right spirit. If you have the will and determination, you can face this dreaded disease and come out victoriously”.
Dr. Mary Francis, who owns a clinical research company, is a born fighter. She bravely fought against the disease. While she was undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, she continued doing her routine activities both at home and at work. She even dared to travel to France during her battling phase.
Selection process for Fortis Lisa Ray Spirit of Life Award
Out of 79 entries, the panel of judges short-listed 10 nominees, of which 3 were selected for final round. Criteria for selection of the award was based on parameters like willpower, positive attitude, ability to fight against cancer, compliance and completion of the treatment, tolerating treatment (radiation/chemotherapy), acceptance of the disease, ability to motivate, support other cancer patients and how fast the patient came back to normal life (physically & mentally).
The panels of judges were Dr. Boman Dhabhar (Medical oncologists), Dr. Anil Heroor (Surgical Oncologist), Dr. Rupal Cheddha (Radiation oncologist) and Dr.S.Narayani (Head of Medical services)
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