RedCritter Releases Free Microsoft Outlook Enhancement

RedCritter Breathes New Life into Microsoft Outlook

Online PR News – 10-January-2010 – – Today RedCritter Corp. announced the full version of its Microsoft Outlook add-in, RedCritter™ for Outlook, is available free for download. For users of Outlook 2007 or later, RedCritter can streamline their inbox, deliver corporate business intelligence and make the time they spend within Outlook much more productive.

RedCritter for Outlook

RedCritter for Outlook allows user to plug any number of Apps from the RedCritter App Gallery into their Outlook with a single click. RedCritter Apps deliver relevant content to users while they work with their email and contacts within Outlook. A wide variety of Apps are available today including Apps for locating context-related email, attachments, Microsoft Office documents, Twitter tweets and more.

"RedCritter Apps are not limited to searching within Outlook." said Erika Lambert, RedCritter VP of Marketing. "For example, the Office Docs App will locate documents that reference a contact not only within the user’s attachments, but also anywhere on the user’s PC, corporate network and even within Microsoft SharePoint. Imagine receiving an email from a customer and instantly having available every PowerPoint, Word or Excel file related to them. It works even if the documents were created by other sales team members and are located across the company network."

Subscriptions and downloads are free and offer full access to the RedCritter AppGallery. With RedCritter users can customize their Microsoft Outlook experience dramatically by adding the dozens of features and Apps that compliment the way they work.

RedCritter is immediately available for download. Visit to get started.