NY’s Appellate Court Affirms Workers Compensation Board In All 9 Decisions

NY’s Appellate Court affirmed the Workers Compensation Board in all 9 decisions issued today, as reported by Michael T. Berns, former Board Commissioner.

Online PR News – 10-January-2010 – – The New York State Worker’s Compensation Board started off the year well as the NYS Appellate Court affirmed it in the nine decisions issued by the Court this past Thursday.

These cases covered a wide range of subjects, some of which regularly, to the Board is claimants and carriers fight over the applicability of benefits.

In the Matter Flores v Newstar Apparel, the Court agreed that in this case in response to the question of “How close to the door is close enough?”, the Board’s determination that the claimant’s slip on ice was close enough to the employer’s door to make it compensable.

In the Matter of Hassan V Ford Motor, the Board determined that medical evidence and testimony from a properly qualified and trained nurses was as valid as that from a physician.

And in the Matter of Friedman v NYC DOT, the Board again distinguished between income from profits and salary for self-employed claimant fighting for reduced earnings and benefits.

Details on these case and the other six cases decisions issued this past Thursday can be found at InsideWorkersCompNY.com, which posts all workers compensation related-cases issued in New York State every Friday morning.

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