Mac Accessories Site iThrough Entered Cell Phone Market

Apple accessories iThrough tries to get a foothold in mobile phone market, competing with millions of cell phone stores.

Online PR News – 22-September-2011 – – Hong Kong, China( 22, 2011: iPad accessories site iThrough announced to expand into celluar phone market this Monday.

iThrough launched a line of celluar phones this Monday. All cell phones are tagged under 70 dollars according to Carol Chang, Public Relations manager for iThrough.

Mrs. Chang said iThrough had this plan at the very beginning.

“It’s not that we don’t want to enter celluar phone market but that there are some controversies among our staff. Some people approve to include celluar phones while some are against it. The management has some worries. iThrough is established especially for Apple accessories, if we include cell phones, Professional image will be greatly influenced. But if not, iThrough will lose this part of market,” said Mrs. Chang. “Finally we decide to set up a professional image first and take a wait-and-see attitude towards this market.”

According to Mrs. Chang, it’s time for iThrough to enter mobile phone market.

“After deep consideration, iThrough thinks it’s time to carry out this plan. Apple accessories will come into people’s mind at the mention of iThrough, that’s what we want to see and we make it. What’s more, there are hundreds of cell phone suppliers on our list,” said Mrs. Chang.

IThrough insists on providing affordable products for customers according to Carol Chang. “The principle of iThrough will never change. Products are accessible to people all over the world. After price comparison and personal test for a long time, the sourcing team finally make these mobile phones in stock,” she said., located in Hong Kong, sells Apple accessories all over the world. IThrough provides over 3,000 accessories and parts for all manner of Apple products, from first generation iPod to the latest generation iPad or iPhone on offer with unbeatable prices and worldwide free shipping service. All the products have gone through three standard quality control processes before shipping and a six month guarantee on all items on iThrough.

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