Wymynkynd Inc Forms Partnership to Offer Free Yaz Lawsuit Information

Class Action Lawsuit center and women's organization make unlikely pair to spread the word about Yaz and gallbladder disease

Online PR News – 10-January-2010 – – Wymynkynd Inc, a women's issues organization that specializes in free information about birth control, women's health, and current events, has changed course and is no longer recommending Yaz as a wise choice in birth control. In light of recent research on Yaz consumers and gall bladder disease, Wymynkynd has formed a partnership to disseminate information on the Yaz lawsuit that's forming right now.

In fact, Wymynkynd feels so strongly that the Yaz Lawsuit movement is necessary, they've formed an alliance with class-action-lawsuits.biz an internet source of free information. In past times, this partnership would have seemed unlikely, but the Yaz lawsuit that's approaching has given the two companies common ground on which to unite and educate women about Yaz, blood clots and gallstones.

When first approved by the FDA in 2006 as a treatment for PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, Yaz was the miracle pill that not only treated PMS but also acne and of course had a 99% success rate as an oral contraceptive. It's earlier version, Yasmin had come out in 2001 and uses the same hormones at Yaz but in higher doses. Both Yaz and Yasmin use estrogen and progestin to block pregnancies. These are both female hormones. Yaz uses a unique form of progestin, which contains an ingredient called drospirenone.

Drospirenone is the likely trigger that causes blood clots which have appeared in women taking Yaz, hence the Yaz lawsuits. This form of progestin causes levels of blood potassium to go higher, which causes hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia causes a disruption in heart rhythms which can slow down the flow of blood. That causes ideal conditions for the formation of blood clots. That can lead to stroke.

The other major side effect of Yaz birth control is gallbladder disease, or gallstones. Yaz hormones increase the cholesterol in the bile and decrease the movement of the gallbladder. This can lead to gallstones, requiring surgery to remove the gall bladder. The surgery also has its own set of side effects that are covered in the Yaz class action lawsuit .

A class action lawsuit has been filed in Wisconsin and in Ohio. "It's just amazing to me that Yaz can possible cause these serious health problems, yet it continues to be recommended by trusted women's health organizations." says Gloria Riffen, the Yaz Lawsuit Program Manager at Wymynkynd, Inc. "I felt it to be of prime importance to find a channel to get information to the public on this possible public health threat. That's why Wymynkynd Inc is partnering with class-action-lawsuits.biz " she ways with enthusiasm. "We think Yaz is dangerous!"

Mr. Riffen and Wymynkynd Inc are not alone... Yaz lawsuits are forming in many states, and if you want to know more about Yaz lawsuits, gallbladder disease or strokes and Yaz birth control, go to class-action-lawsuits.biz and study the latest information on a Yaz lawsuit that may be forming in your state now.

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