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India is the 2nd largest two wheeler market in the world

Online PR News – 10-January-2010 – – By 2016 the size of the Indian automobile industry is expected to grow by 13%, to reach a mark of US$ 120-159 billion. Presently, India is the 2nd largest two wheeler market in the world and fourth largest commercial vehicle market worldwide. India is the 11th largest market in the passenger car segment globally which is expected to become the 7th largest market by 2016.

This PPT on the Automobiles Industry in India has:

* Many useful charts, tables and graphs
* Data on the size, growth, market share of the automobiles industry in India and the various segments
* Information on the future growth potential and prospects of the industry
* Import and Export data of the various segments of the Auto Industry
* Major Players in the Industry and their market shares and growth trends
* India's position in the global automobiles industry
* Performance of the various segments
* Government Initiatives towards the Automobile Industry
* Economic and Social Factors affecting the Auto Industry in India

Special Focus on the Four Wheeler Industry in India:

* Key Segments, Peformance, Production and Sales Trends
* Key Players and their Market Shares
* Foreign Players and Joint Ventures in the Indian Automobile Industry
* Export & Import Trends and Export Models
* Investments, Growth Projections, Future Outlook of the Auto Industry in India
* ...and much more.

Who Can Use this PPT

* Marketing and Sales Teams of the Indian Automobile Industry in India
* Researchers and Auto Industry Analysts
* Entrepreneurs interested in quickly visualizing data to learn about opportunities
* Teachers who want to show graphically what is happening in the Automobile Industry in India

How to Use These Slides

The PPT slides provide exhaustive data on the Automobile Industry of India and its various segments in the form of graphs and charts and also as suitable supporting text. They contain graphs and tables that can be reused in your own presentation. You can reorganize, edit, use just one slide or all of them.

Where to Use These Slides

* In Websites
* As Teaching & Training Tools
* As part of Coporate Presentations
* For Sales and Marketing Presentations
* In Research Reports and as a Reference Document
* As handouts
* As Academic Instruction

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