Needy People Nation Wide Will Receive Warm Blankets From Blanket America’s Philanthropic Efforts.

Blanket America is a new charity with a noble goal in mind. With the help of Gifts in Kind International, one of the best charities in the country

Online PR News – 10-January-2010 – – Blanket America is a new charity with a noble goal in mind. With the help of Gifts in Kind International, one of the best charities in the country, the company aims to provide assistance to needy American families from all over the country through its Buy 1, Give 1 model. Using this model, Blanket America is gradually bridging the gap between business and charity as a way of showing to the world that it is possible to match what is being consumed to what is being donated to the needy.
The Buy 1, Give 1 model revolves around the Patchwork Heritage Quilt, which is Blanket America’s pride and joy. Made with high quality fabrics and done with outstanding craftsmanship, the Patchwork Heritage Quilt is the message that Blanket America wants to send to the American community, a message that speaks of unity, pride as a people, and strength when facing tough economical and political crises. By buying a Patchwork Heritage Quilt, a customer is at the same time donating a blanket to a needy American family. Blanket America wishes to reach a million needy families and is hoping to increase that number throughout the year 2010.
The Patchwork Heritage Quilt is a product born out of inspiration from the inaugural speech of President Barack Obama. Lauding the American people as having a “patchwork heritage”, he encouraged America to stand together, unite with one another despite having different races and different cultures, and to be strong in the face of hardship and challenge economically and politically. Blanket America aims to respond to this call of action through its Patchwork Heritage Quilt, which has his inaugural speech at the back printed on a beautiful Lady Liberty background. On the front is a beautiful patchwork of 13 different fabrics. When put together, it forms the 13 original American colonies. It makes a great tapestry for the home as well as a soft and comfy piece of bedding for the bedroom.
Blanket America has gained much support from Gifts in Kind, International which is in charge of distributing the blankets to the needy families., QVC, and JCPenney are just some of the companies that have also made their support known to Blanket America. Customers who wish to purchase the Patchwork Heritage Quilt can preorder through Amazon, QVC, or through Blanket America’s website since the quilts will be available for shipping come mid-January.
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