Blanket America Spreads The Word On 3 Popular Social Media Websites

Blanket America is available in the three most popular social media websites in the world, namely Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Online PR News – 10-January-2010 – – Blanket America is available in the three most popular social media websites in the world, namely Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This is a clear sign that the organization is sincere in its mission-vision and would like to reach out to the American people, as well as the rest of the world, in order to encourage them to join hands in helping fellow brothers and sisters who are suffering from poverty and the financial crisis. Visitors will find a Blanket America Facebook application with an interactive map of the country is displayed showing each state’s progress and links that will direct interested customers to the preorder page or the donate-a-blanket-directly page.
Blanket America is a newly formed charitable organization with an initial goal of helping one million American families in need of assistance since the start of the holiday season. It joined hands with Gifts in Kind, International and are now gaining much more support from big names like Fast Company, JCPenney,, and QVC. In fact, Blanket America got its first debut on broadcast television on the QVC show last December 28 and 29 wherein they were able to tell their story, share the cause, and encourage the American viewers to help by participating in the Buy 1, Give 1 model. The airtime given to the company is said to increase sales significantly, which could lead to more airtime in the future.
Blanket America’s main product is the Patchwork Heritage Quilt with clear pictures of the quilt displayed in the official website. It is a beautiful patchwork quilt with two eye-catching designs on both sides. On the front is a series of fabrics that, when patched together, form the 13 American colonies while on the back is the inaugural speech of President Barack Obama printed on a lovely Lady Liberty background, from which the Patchwork Heritage Quilt was born out of. It was from the president’s message to the people and his praise for America’s “patchwork heritage” that Blanket America came to be, which is why the speech is the quilt’s main highlight.
Blanket America partnered itself with one of the best charitable organizations in the country known as Gifts in Kind, International and as of today, the Patchwork Heritage Quilt is set to be available for consumers come mid-January and can be preordered from,, and Blanket America’s main website. Just visit for more information on the quilt and on Blanket America.
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