Key West's Vandenberg Shipwreck Picked as Top Winter Diving Destination

The recently sunk USS Vandenberg off the coast of Key West Florida has been picked as one of the top diving destinations during the 2010 winter season

Online PR News – 10-January-2010 – – A recent internet survey reveals Key West diving's USS Vandenberg as one of the top picks for diving destinations during the 2010 winter season. Located approximately seven miles off the coast of Key West, the USS Vandenberg was sunk in May of 2009 and became one of the world's top ten largest shipwreck diving sites.

The winter season is one of the busiest times for diving in warm tropical places such as Key West Florida. While water temperatures dip down to the low and mid 70's, divers still recognize the advantage of heading to tropical destinations to enjoy the year-round warm temperatures.

Key West diving is known for its year-round high visibilities, calm seas, and warm temperatures. The winter months are always the busiest in Key West. The Key West Dive Center runs two Key West scuba diving trips daily, usually taking the maximum number of divers on each trip.

It comes as no surprise that the USS Vandenberg has been voted one of the top diving destinations for this year's winter season. The shipwreck is by far the most popular Key West scuba diving ( ) destination. Divers from all over the world have been flocking to Key West since May to explore the massive shipwreck site.

"We expect the Vanderburg to remain one the country's most popular dives for many years to come," says Leslie Espinoza of the Key West Dive Center. "It really is one of the best shipwreck dive sites many divers have ever been to."

The Key West Dive Center has been running daily Vandenberg trips since the start of the new year, even with the uncharacteristically cooler temperatures in Key West. Key West diving trips to the Vandenberg depart at 8:30AM with an 8:00AM check in. The center also operates several daily Key West snorkeling ( ) trips out to various locations along the coral reef system. For more information on the Vandenberg, Key West diving excursions, or snorkeling trips, visit or dial 1-866-563-1805.