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- Latest Adestra feature expands reach by adding social links in emails

Online PR News – 21-September-2011 – – Adestra’s MessageFocus Social Sharing feature makes expanding a brand’s reach and awareness even easier. Savvy marketers are using Social Media as a targeting tool to help grow databases, improve both segmentation and recipient interaction, and, importantly, track ROI.
A brand’s existing email subscribers have handed over their data, and are therefore their biggest advocates. It’s also likely that they will be active on social networks and be connected to like-minded people, who may also be interested in what you have to say. Therefore, harnessing this opportunity is very powerful - by encouraging them to share content on social networks it lets the email recipients do the work for you.
Steve Denner, Director at Adestra says: “A clean database is an email marketer’s crown jewels and leveraging Social Media as a channel to grow that data for email purposes makes perfect sense. MessageFocus Social Sharing makes this particularly easy to setup, track and review.
“In addition the opportunity to share encourages engagement and gives recipients a voice - your emails are no longer just a one-way conversation.”
With MessageFocus it’s easy to share links for the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ at the touch of a button. Recipients can share the entire email content, or any individual articles they might be particularly interested in.
A link to a sign-up form can be dynamically displayed to individuals who are viewing your shared content. This helps to grow your database and crucially measure the ROI of your social media activity.
Measuring the success of the social activity is critical. MessageFocus Social Sharing provides clear summary/detailed reporting and allows users to see:
- How many recipients have shared your content.
- Which social networks your content has been shared to.
- The number of times your content has been shared within the social networks.
- How many times your content has been viewed.

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