Internet Marketing Agency Virtual Snipers launches exclusive Web Design Cell for Doctors & Hospitals

Internet Agency Virtual Snipers launches its specialised cell for Medical Website Design and Development, a part of its constant initiative to develop customized internet marketing products.

Online PR News – 21-September-2011 – – Upcoming Internet Marketing Agency Virtual Snipers Digital Marketing Services announced the launch of its specialised cell for Medical Website Design and Development. This comes close on the heels of its recent decision to offer Search Engine Optimisation services using a performance model. The agency plans to launch a few custom products in the near future for small businesses too.

With a number of trusted specialist doctors and physicians as clients, the agency is well geared to meet the demands of this important fraternity who play a critical role in everyone’s lives.

The Internet plays a handyman’s role in providing medical help to people who need it anytime. Internet technology has made medical healthcare and doctoral services accessible to world. With internet access the best medical solutions are a click away be it doctors, medical facilities, hospitals, wellness center or clinics. With the surge in internet connectivity and the new generation's increasing dependence on the digital medium, it is very natural that every physician and medical service provider wants to be online. The internet has taken medical care to new horizons by providing a platform for by which patients seeking medical help can get in touch with doctors and healthcare organisations across the world.

“Today people the world over want and seek the best medical help from doctors and surgeons irrespective of where they are located, the Internet has made it so easy.” Sandiip Porwal, core team member revealed, adding further “With lifestyle changes and increasing stress comes the lack of time for oneself, in addition recurrence of many ailments and chronic diseases means the consumer is looking for the best solutions and as quickly as possible to get back to regular lifestyle. This makes the Internet more valuable to todays generation. There have been huge advancements in the field of medicine and drug delivery and all these are available online. And because the latest developments are not available in all countries, the internet plays a critical role by providing access to these. It saves patients and their families their precious time and money by bringing medical specialists and super-specialists directly in touch with them, and helping them take more informed decisions and save lives.”

With a team of dedicated Design, Development, Search Marketing and Internet Marketing professionals Virtual Snipers Digital Marketing Services is banking on the Medical fraternity’s increasing need to be online to cater to the growing healthcare requirements of the burgeoning internet dependant users.

When asked about the scope of this sector in the online business and their approach to new business ideas, Sandiip Porwal replied, “We are keenly exploring new business opportunities in the online Healthcare space and are exploring opportunities where we can invest our expertise in return for stock. One of the my favourite projects, one in which I am invested in is a unique health care model all set to revolutionise the online healthcare business. We have associated right from the ideation stage and contribute towards strategy, Design, Navigation and Usability aspects of the model. This concept is a unique congregation of some of the world’s best specialist doctors and will bring about a huge change in the way medical consultations are delivered.”

Shamoon Khan, Content head at Virtual Snipers added, “With the tonnes of content available on the Internet, it is very difficult for the user to place trust on just some article written by any person who does not come across as qualified. But, if this person is a Doctor or a Certified Medical Practitioner then the consumer perspective changes to a more positive one. For the many doctors whose websites we have developed, we have crafted unique content strategies. The consumer is looking for a trusted resource for information, diagnosis and ultimately treatment and we help Doctors portray themselves in the right manner. This helps the patient reach the correct medical expert and Doctor is not inundated with patients he cannot cure.”

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