Best New Place For How To Be Next Top Model ( Based On Seth McFarlane's Tweets)
09/21/2011 launches, and is the best place to get information on how to be the next top model. Using Seth McFarlane's twitter feed some top tips on how to be a successful top model.

Online PR News – 21-September-2011 – – launches, and has the best information for how to be the next top model. Using Seth McFarlane's twitter feed, ModelPromoter interprets what he would say if he were the resident expert.

So what would he say he were giving advice to brand new models?

“With our lousy credit rating, next time we wanna buy a tank, Canada gonna have to cosign.”

Keep finances in order. It may be a good idea to hire an accountant; even one who can go over a budget/ expenses once a month to to be on top of everything

“A porkpie hat AND a G.I. Joe t-shirt? Pace yourself, hipster. You’re gonna irony yourself out too fast. “

Don’t overdo any trend. It can look contrived, and simplicity often works best when meeting someone for the first time. This way, they can see the real person.

“When the Beatles said they were bigger than Jesus, that was true, ‘cause people were way shorter back in Jesus-times.”

Although in general it is best to be taller than average to be a successful model, those that find themselves on the shorter side, there are still plenty of opportunities - one may just have to avoid the catwalk.

“That mime is hilarious, but it's just 'cause he has like a dozen writers.” Have some friends and supporters."

It is really helpful to run things by people, best if they are professionals in the modeling world itself! This can help a model make the smartest decisions. is a great place for both new and experienced models. If one wants to know how to be a top model, ModelPromoter helps talent become the next top model through high level education and networking with photographers, agencies, and employers. Experienced, elite models will benefit from access to top modeling agencies and photographers as well as having access the database of modeling jobs.

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